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Free Biology Test

1. The net effect of photosynthesis, chemically, is reduction, leading to the formation of simple carbohydrates and accompanied by a release of oxygen.

2. A cell membrane is ______________?

Free HOBET Test

1. A person who can be a universal blood donor has the blood type known as O+.

2. Solve the following equation: 3*(4²+2) -4

Free Geometry Test

1. Two flat surfaces intersect to form a(n) _______________.

2. A flat surface is a(n) ____________.

Free IQ Test

1. What number is one quarter of one tenth of one fifth of 200?

2. A palindrome is a word or phrase that is spelled the same written forward or backward, often used for I.Q. test questions. "Stets" is a palindrome.


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Psychometric Degree Programs

The Psychometrics Centre at the University of Cambridge
UK's leading organization for the study and application of of psychometrics offers a PhD Psychometrics program.

Ph.D. in Psychometrics at Fordham University
this program focuses on the quantitative, research-oriented commonalities relevant to most of the behavioral sciences.