ASE A1 Engine Repair Certification Test

ASE Certification typically leads to professional growth and more money. This ASE Certification Practice Test will give you an idea of the types of questions and sections on your actual exam.

General Engine Diagnosis

1. An orange colored liquid is found under the front of the engine. What is leaking?
2. An engine will not start.  The technician uses a scan tool and finds the DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) for a CKP (Crankshaft Position Sensor) stored with no other DTC stored.  This vehicle is using a COP (coil-on-plug) ignition system.  Which of the following is the MOST likely cause?
3. A vacuum gauge is used to check exhaust backpressure. Where is the gauge hose connected?

Cylinder Head and Valve Train

4. This question has the word EXCEPT. For this question, look for the choice that could NOT fit the described situation. Read the entire question carefully before choosing your answer.

All valve springs are checked for the following, EXCEPT:
5. To raise and narrow a valve seat that has been cut at a 45-degree angle, a cutter or stone should be used at what angle?
ASE A1 (Engine Repair) Practice Test Kit
6. Technician A says if you install the timing chains and sprockets incorrectly, it may cause valves to come into contact with pistons. Technician B says when installing timing chains and gears, you always check the online service information for the correct procedure . Who is right?

Engine Block

7. The crankshaft main journals are going to be ground due to excessive taper. Which of the following bearing types should be used after machining?
8. Technician A says you check ring end gap at the top of ring travel. Technician B says it is not necessary to check ring end gap with a new set of rings. Who is right?
9. A piston is being measured for piston-to-cylinder wall clearance. In the illustration, where do you measure the diameter of the piston?

Lubrication and Cooling Systems

10. Which of the following conditions is the MOST likely cause of a vehicle overheating?
11. A technician is going to test engine oil pressure. Technician A says you check the oil pressure only at an off-idle specific engine speed. Technician B says you remove the oil pressure switch to install the oil pressure gauge. Who is right?
12. Two technicians are discussing an oil change. Technician A says synthetic oils provide a safe way to exceed the manufacturer's recommended oil change intervals. Technician B says to consult the on-line service information or owner's manual for the correct viscosity and amount of oil. Who is right?

Fuel, Electrical, Ignition and Exhaust Systems

13. An engine has a severe oil leak at the rocker cover. The technician has replaced the rocker cover gasket but the oil still leaks out. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause?
14. The starter control circuit voltage drop test is used to test which of the following?
15. The exhaust system contains large amounts of oxygen, which causes the O2 (oxygen) sensor to produce which of the following?

ASE Practice Test

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