General Contractors License Exam Practice Test

Sample questions of the type that are on the general contractors license examination.
1. What is the purpose of the vent in the plumbing system?
2. When a vertical wall is correctly installed, it is said to be?
3. Which is the most durable wallpaper?
4. How deep is a standard closet?
5. In an attic, what is the minimum clearance?
6. Water Heaters require what minimum insulation?
7. For scaffolding, what is the minimum railing height?
8. When is asbestos most dangerous?
9. Which is the smallest wire gauge?
10. How high are standard kitchen cabinets?
11. One story buildings should have a minimum foundation depth of?
12. The minimum gauge for galvanized steel valley flashing should be?
13. What is the purpose of the fascia board?
14. How high should a water heater be installed above the garage floor?
15. What materials are best used for exterior siding?