Medical Assistant Certification Test

A Free Medical Assistant Certification Practice Test...

To get certified as a medical assistant, you may have to take a certification exam. 

Generally, there are three organizations that certify medical assistants: the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA), the American Medical Technologists (AMT) and the National Center for Competency Testing (NCCT). In most cases, certification by any of these organizations will be accepted nationally. Subject matter for these exams falls into the following three subject areas: General Knowledge, Administrative Knowledge and Clinical Knowledge.

To prepare for the actual exam, we provide a 300 question Medical Assistant Practice Exam written by Melanie Shearer, MS., MT (ASCP), CMA (AAMA), Instructor of Medical Assisting.

Take this free practice test to see what types of questions are on a medical assis

Medical Terminology and Anatomy (Content Area I: General Knowledge)

1. Which of the following organs would be described as being located retroperitoneally?
2. A pathologic condition described as, "Increased intraocular pressure of the eye," is:
3. This particular gland of the endocrine system secretes a hormone that is known to assist with the sleep/ wake cycle. What gland is it?

Law, Ethics and Professionalism (Content Area I: General Knowledge)

4. Malpractice that has been ruled because of a physician's failure to act is a form of:
5. Which of the following agency sets the standards for employee safety in the medical office?
Medical Assistant Practice Exam
6. Governing the relationship between patients and physicians are:

Psychology and Communication (Content Area I: General Knowledge)

7. A patient who is displaying the defense mechanism of Compensation would:
8. Which of the following would be an inappropriate and potentially unlawful interview question?
9. A patient is becoming belligerent at the front desk due to a long wait. Which of the following would BEST handle the situation?

Bookkeeping, Credits and Collections (Content Area II: Administrative Knowledge)

10. A patient sends a check to pay for her last office visit. That check bounces at the bank. Which of the following is the most likely scenario when dealing with this situation?
11. Geographical area is important when:
12. When referring to collections, what is a "skip"?

Billing, Coding and Insurance (Content Area II: Administrative Knowledge)

13. In the CPT manual, codes in the range of 99201-99600 are:
14. Workman's Compensation claims:
15. Where would your office obtain additional legal copies of Medicare forms?

Medical Records and Office Supplies (Content Area II: Administrative Knowledge)

16. When filing using the terminal digits method, which would be true?
17. Which of the following programs would be best suited for making a patient data base?
18. Portable Universal Serial Bus Drives are also known as:

Oral and Written Communication (Content Area II: Administrative Knowledge)

19. The postal abbreviation for Idaho is:
20. Which of the following examples is properly written?
21. When writing a professional letter that has over 200 words, how large should the margins be?

Scheduling and Office Management (Content Area II: Administrative Knowledge)

22. The best way to avoid injuries when using computers is:
23. Which of the following scheduling methods would be best for an Urgent Care setting?
24. Patients who are habitually late:

Exam Room Techniques, Patient Preparation and Infection Control (Content Area III: Clinical Knowledge)

25. Over a patient's lifespan, the pulse rate:
26. To accurately assess a patient's respiration rate, which of the following methods would be BEST?
27. The patient position that is most useful for proctologic exams is the:

Office Laboratory Procedures (Content Area III: Clinical Knowledge)

28. Specific gravity in urinalysis:
29. The smallest of the white blood cells which also can be involved in humoral immunity is the:
30. Manual hematocrits are done:

Emergency Procedures and First Aid (Content Area III: Clinical Knowledge)

31. Which of the following symptoms can occur with a heart attack?
32. You witness an automobile accident on the way to work. Which of the following would be an indication that a patient has experienced head trauma?
33. A common fracture found in children that exhibits a bending of the bone with a partial break is a:

Pharmacology (Content Area III: Clinical Knowledge)

34. Which of the following formulas would correctly solve a dosage calculation problem?
35. When giving an injection of insulin, which of the following is TRUE?
36. This is the part of the prescription form that indicates the names and quantities of ingredients to be included in the medication.

Pathophysiology (Content Area III: Clinical Knowledge)

37. A patient with a verruca (Choose the BEST answer.)
38. Testing for preeclampsia is done:
39. A patient presents to the office with chief complaint of RLQ pain. Which of the following pathologies would be MOST likely possible?