CCTN Test Guide

The CCTN Test Summary
What: An exam for nurses looking to reinforce special knowledge and experience in the field of clinical transplants.
Who: Licensed RN’s with a minimum of 24 months working experience are eligible to take the CCTN.
Where: The CCTN is administered at over 170 testing sites across the U.S.
When: The CCTN is offered Monday-Saturday, year-round.
How: The CCTN exam tests individuals on knowledge and skills of transplant care.
Type: Computerized.
Why: CCTN certification credits an individual with the special experience and knowledge that is required for transplant care.
Time: Three hours.
Language: English.
Preparation: Review courses and prep books will come in handy.
Cost: $425

By Jessica McNally, Tests.com

The Certified Clinical Transplant Nurse (CCTN) exam, created by the American Board for Transplant Certification, tests an individual\'s understanding and skills in the field of transplant care. The CCTN certification indicates to the public that an individual possesses the abilities and knowledge necessary to providing quality care for both transplant donors and their recipients.

To be considered eligible to take the CCTN exam, a candidate is required to have completed a minimum of 24 months as a registered nurse, of which 12 months experience must be must have been spent in caring for solid organ transplant patients. Once certified, CCTN certification lasts for three years.

The Test

The CCTN exam consists of 175 multiple choice questions. 25 of these are counted as pretest questions, and 150 are officially scored. Test categories include:

  • Pre transplantation Care
  • Post Transplantation Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Pharmacological Therapeutics
  • Professional Responsibilities
  • Education and Discharge

Candidates receive score reports at the site of the examination, and successful candidates are awarded CCTN credential about 30-45 days after taking the exam.

Individuals who fail the exam on the first try are eligible to re-take the exam 90 days after their initial attempt.

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