Florida Teacher Certification Exam (FTCE) Guide

The FTCE Summary
What: The FTCE measures the ability and subject mastery of prospective teachers.
Who: Tests are given to all aspiring teachers in Florida before certification is granted.
Where: Tests are given throughout the state of Florida, as well as in a few select cities nationwide, at Pearson Vue Test Centers.
When: Tests are offered year-round.
How: Tests evaluate general knowledge, professional knowledge and subject-specific knowledge.
Type: Tests are multiple-choice and essay.
Why: The exams are required for teachers in Florida for state certification.
Time: The tests range from 40 minutes to four hours.
Language: The tests are offered only in English.
Preparation: Practice tests and study guides may be very helpful to test candidates.
Cost: Exam fees range from $130 to $200.

By Erin Hasinger, Tests.com


Prior to becoming licensed, teachers in the state of Florida must pass the Florida Teacher Certification Examination (FTCE). The exam helps aspiring teachers to demonstrate mastery of their subject specialization, professional knowledge and basic skills.


Florida’s Bureau of Educator Certification at the Department of Education issues the determination of what tests are required for certification. Once teaching candidates have submitted their application for teacher certification with the Bureau of Educator Certification, an official Statement of Status of Eligibility will be mailed to the applicant, and the statement will include the candidate’s individual test requirements.


The FTCE offers three different types of exams:


·    The General Knowledge Test is comprised of four subtests: essay (50 minutes), English language skills (40 minutes), reading (40 minutes) and math (100 minutes). In the essay portion of the exam, test takers are evaluated on composition, grammar and organization in response to a given topic. All questions, with the exception of the essay question, are multiple-choice.

·    The Professional Education Test lasts for two hours and 30 minutes. Multiple-choice questions evaluate one’s knowledge of professional and pedagogy practices.

·    Subject Area Exams each last for two hours and 30 minutes and are offered in the following subject areas: agriculture, art, biology, business education, chemistry, computer science, drama, earth and space science, educational media, elementary education (this exam lasts four hours and 20 minutes), English, English as a second language, exceptional student education, family and consumer science, French, German, guidance and counseling, health, hearing impaired, humanities, journalism, Latin, marketing, mathematics, middle school English, middle school science, middle school math, music, physical education, physics, prekindergarten, preschool education, reading, school psychology, science, social science, Spanish, speech, technology and visually impaired education. Most include only multiple-choice questions, though English, French, German, Spanish and speech tests include essays, recorded speaking and listening and/or a videotaped exercise. The German and speech exams include two additional subtests.


All tests are given in a computer-based format. Tests are offered throughout the year at Pearson Vue Test Centers throughout Florida and in Birmingham, Alabama; Cincinnati, Ohio; Indianapolis, Indiana; Lansing, Michigan; Marietta, Georgia; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Raleigh, North Carolina; Rochester, New York; and Springfield, Illinois.


Test fees vary depending on the exam. The General Knowledge Test is $130, the Professional Education Test is $150, and the Subject Area Exam is $200. Test fees increase by $20 when a test candidate wishes to do a retake. Payment is due upon registration, which can be done online at https://reg3.nesinc.com/FLRegistration/MyAccount.aspx.


Tests that include only multiple-choice questions will offer an unofficial score report upon completion, and an official score report will be mailed to the test candidate’s home within three to four weeks.  Tests that include an essay component will not issue a preliminary score at the test center; rather, test takers will be mailed an official score report approximately six weeks following the test date.


For more information on the Florida Teacher Certification Examinations, please visit Tests.com’s FTCE Directory.


Source: http://www.fl.nesinc.com