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The OGT Summary
What: The OGT is an exam taken by students earning their high school diploma in the state of Ohio.
Who: Tests are administered to high school students at the tenth grade level.
Where: Students take the OGT at the high school where they are currently enrolled in classes.
When: Students first take the OGT in the spring of their sophomore year of school.
How: The OGT is administered in pencil and paper format.
Type: The Ohio Graduation Test evaluates a student’s eligibility to earn a high school degree.
Why: The OGT helps students and teachers figure out if there are any areas in which students need improvement in order to earn a diploma.
Time: Students are allotted 2 ½ hours for each section of the test.
Language: English
Preparation: Students taking the OGT should review the appropriate high school-level course material. There are a number of preparation resources available to students including practice multiple-choice questions and sample essay topics.
Cost: No cost.

By: Jessica McNally, Tests.com Contributing Writer



The Ohio Graduation Test (OGT) is an exam designed to assess students’ eligibility to graduate from high school in the state of Ohio. In conjunction with Ohio’s Academic Content Standards, the OGT is a standardized test that students must pass in order to receive their diploma. The test ensures that students meet the federal requirement for high school level testing.


About the Test


The OGT consists of five individual test segments:


-      Math:  32 multiple-choice questions, one extended-response, and five short-answer questions make up the Math section on the OGT. Skills tested include:


             -  Measurement

             -  Geometry and Spatial Sense

             -  Data Analysis and Probability

             -  Mathematical Process

             -  Patterns, Functions, and Algebra

             -  Numbers, Number Sense, and Operations


-      Reading: The Reading segment consists of 32 multiple-choice questions, two extended-response, and four short answer questions. Some skills tested in this section include vocabulary, analysis of an author’s literary techniques and recognition of bias and arguments.


-      Social Studies: The Social Studies portion of the OGT is comprised of 32 multiple-choice questions, two extended-response and four short-answer questions on the topics of:


                - History

                - Geography

                - Economics

                - Government

                - People in Societies

                - Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities

                - Social Studies Skills and Methods


-      Science: 32 multiple-choice questions, two extended-response and four short-answer questions make up the Science portion of the exam. Questions in the Science section are related to the following topics:




           -     Life Sciences

           -     Earth and Space Sciences

           -     Physical Sciences

           -     Scientific Inquiry

           -     Science and Technology

           -     Scientific Ways of Knowing     


       -      Writing: This section consists of 10 multiple-choice questions, two writing prompt and one short answer response. Students are tested on the writing process, conventions and applications in the Writing section.

Students take the OGT for the first time at the end of their sophomore year of high school. In order to receive their diploma, they must pass each of the five test sections. If they do not pass the first time, they may retake the OGT in either the fall or the spring of their junior or senior years. Some schools also offer additional retest sessions over the summer months.


Test Preparation


The OGT contains numerous questions that require short-answer or extended-response answers from students. Thus, it is critical that test takers are familiar with how to provide concise, coherent answers on the exam. Ohio’s Department of Education offers several tips on their website regarding questions that require written responses. The following are a few pieces of advice that may be helpful to students preparing for the OGT:


      -   Read each test question very carefully.

      -   Do not give your personal opinion on if the question asks only for a factual answer.

      -   Be sure to address every part of the question.

      -   Try to focus on only one main idea or topic per paragraph.

      -  If there is extra time left at the end of the exam, go back and proofread your written answers for errors.


To find test preparation materials, see our High School Graduation Test Directory.


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