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Free TEAS VI Test

1. A person who can be a universal blood donor has the blood type known as O+.

2. Solve the following equation: 3*(4²+2) -4

Free DANB Test

1. A permanent dentition consists of how many teeth?

2. Which teeth are sometimes called the "eye" teeth?

Free Electrician Test

1. Where insulated power and lighting conductors are installed in raceways, an ampacity adjustment must be applied where _____.

 I. there are more than three (3) current-current carrying conductors in the same raceway         
II. an ambient temperature other than 86°F is encountered

2. According to the Code, flexible metal conduit (FMC) enclosing circuit conductors is not approved for use as a type of an equipment grounding conductor in lengths exceeding _____.

Free PTCE Test

1. Which of the following is used to report medication quality problems?

2. How many refills are allowed on CIII drugs?


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Psychometric Degree Programs

The Psychometrics Centre at the University of Cambridge
UK's leading organization for the study and application of of psychometrics offers a PhD Psychometrics program.

Ph.D. in Psychometrics at Fordham University
this program focuses on the quantitative, research-oriented commonalities relevant to most of the behavioral sciences.