Medical Assistant Flash Cards

Incomplete, irregular, and rapid contraction of the atria between 350 and 500 times per minute atrial fibrillation
Inflammation of the small sac of fluid that cushions and lubricates a joint Bursitis
The iron-containing pigment of red blood cells that carries oxygen from the lungs to the tissues Hemoglobin
Allergic skin reaction that causes itchy, red, elevated patches urticaria (also called "hives")
Structures found in the retina that aid in distinguishing shadows Rods
Continuous tube from the mouth to the anus alimentary canal
General term for the male and female sex cells, called an ovum in females and sperm in males Gamete
Bacteria that live normally in and on the body natural flora
A condition of insufficient blood-clotting cells is referred to as: Thrombocytopenia
Urine flows through the urinary system in which order? Kidney, ureter, bladder, urethra, urethral meatus
The point at which an impulse is transmitted from one neuron to another is: Synapse
Touching someone without permission is called: Assault and Battery
Blood flows from the heart's right ventricle into the: Pulmonary arteries
Gas exchange in the lungs occurs in one-celled air sacs called: Alveoli
The following are all segments of the large intestine except the: Ileum
Before referring a patient to another facility, a medical assistant should be sure to verify the patient's: Insurance
Calcium, potassium, and sodium are all classified as: Electrolytes
Adipose tissue is made of: Fat cells
The prefix brady (as in bradycardia) means: Slow
In the periodic table, K is the symbol for: Potassium
Korotkoff sounds are evaluated when: Determining blood pressure
A cystoscope is most commonly used by a specialist in: Urology
When washing hands, the three most important factors include: Friction, soap and warm running water
A medical procedure cannot be performed on a patient until the doctor obtains __________________. informed consent
A paramedic informs the medical assistant that a patient has had a cardiac arrest. What does this mean? sudden stoppage of the heartbeat
A 17 year old woman who is married arrives at the emergency department of a hospital with an injured arm. Who must consent to any treatment since this patient is a minor? Patient
What is the first step in treating a chemical burn of the skin? Flush area with water
The pharmaceutical abbreviation "qid" means ____________________. four times a day
The pharmaceutical abbreviation "bid" means _____________________. twice a day
Making a note in one file that a paper is in another file is called ________________. Cross-reference
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