Certified Internet Research Professional (CIRP)™

Internet Research Certification

Become a Certified Internet Research Professional (CIRP) online.  Ideal for schools, colleges, businesses and other organizations for use in training, education and assessment. 

Format: - Multiple choice, short answers and essay presentation questions.

Exam Development - the certification is led by Dr. Randolph Hock who has trained over 14,000 people in internet search / research in 13 countries. The program is overseen by a Ph.D. in psychometrics .

Exam Outline:
Research Strategies and Techniques 
Searching Tools
Internet Content
News Resources
Special Content - Images, Video, Maps, etc. 
People Search / Research
Social and Professional Networking

For more information on the application requirements and testing procedures and policies, see the CIRP Candidate Handbook.

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The National Licensing and Certification Organization (NLCO) developed and administers the CIRP. 


The CIRP is a criterion-referenced certification test with multiple-choice and short answer items.  There is 90 minute time limit.