TEAS V Practice Test

Take this free practice test to see what type of questions are on the Test of Essential Academic Skills V (TEAS V).  The TEAS V is used as an admission exam for nursing schools. It covers such subjects as science, math, English and reading comprehension.

To help pass the actual TEAS V check out the 1,250 question TEAS V Practice Test.

1. Jack and his friends are collecting cans for the food bank. Thus far, they have collected 1500 cans. Jack has collected 60 percent of the cans. Marcia has collected 25 percent of the cans. How many cans have their other friends collected thus far?
2. Solve 3/4 + 1/3 =
3. Which of the following is not one of the kingdoms used to classify all living things?
4. A person only has blue eyes if they have two recessive genes for blue eyes.
5. Solve 4 + (-3)*2 =
6. Casey walked 2.1 miles to the grocery store. She then walked 0.5 miles to the post office and 0.8 miles to work. How far did she walk in total? Convert your answer into kilometers.
7. If you combine hydrogen chloride (HCl) with with sodium hydroxide (NaOH), the two will react together. What will the product(s) of that reaction be?
8. When you use an if/then clause in a statement, the rules of grammar dictate that you put a comma between the two clauses.
9. Solve 5²*3 + 40 =
10. Solve and convert your answer into a mixed number: 3.5 + 0.25 -1.00 =
11. Which system of the human body is responsible for ensuring that nutrients are delivered to all organs and tissues?
12. An integer is a number that is a fraction.
13. If "x" is equal to 6, what is the value of the following expression? y = 2x + 9x + 3
14. What is responsible for causing tides on our planet?
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15. Earth's climate is very fragile and changes periodically. Which of the following affects the climate the least?
16. The branch of biology that focuses on the study of animals is known as zoology.
17. Which of the following is the basis of the ocean's food chain?
18. Animals cells are many times the size of bacterial cells. Approximately how much larger are they?
19. Choose the correct way of writing the following sentence:
Ilene stewart has lived in the same house on howard Street in Hobart Wisconsin for 26 years
20. Use the following passage to answer questions 20-23. The Vardez family went on a cruise last year. Their ship, The Golden Sun, left from Miami on a Tuesday. They stopped in Key West on Thursday before heading to the Bahamas. The ship docked in Cococay on Saturday and Nassau on Monday. Finally, the ship sailed to New York City. They arrived on Friday and flew back to Miami that day. The exhausted family was happy to be home.

How many ports of call inside the U.S. did the Vardez family visit?
21. How long was the cruise overall?
22. Did the Vardez family enjoy their vacation?
23. Where did the Vardez family spend the majority of their vacation?
24. An "adjective" is the part of speech that modifies a verb.
25. A finite number has no limit.
26. Answer questions 26-28 using the information contained in the following passage. The horse has long held a place in the mythology of almost every culture. Horses were first depicted in caveman paintings more than 32,000 years ago, but they were not domesticated until approximately 6,000 years ago. The horse was first domesticated in Kazakhstan by the Botai people. It was not long before horses were being used as a means of transportation and as a beast of burden. They soon became far more than just another way to get around, however, as a special bond quickly sprang up between horses and their handlers that still exists to this day. Horses have a special partnership with man, and that is why they are still so popular. What is the main idea of this passage?
27. How long ago were horses domesticated?
28. Who first domesticated the horse?
29. If a moving object stops accelerating, friction will eventually cause it to stop.
30. Find the value of "y" in the following expression, assuming that "x" is equal to three: 3y = 6x + 3x + 36

TEAS V Practice Test

The Test of Essential Academic Skills, or TEAS, is used as an entrance examination for candidates applying for admission to nursing school. The exam covers content taught in high school and measures a student's general academic knowledge and aptitude. For more on the TEAS V, please see our TEAS V Test Guide.

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