Medical Assistant Flash Cards

A condition of insufficient blood-clotting cells is referred to as: Thrombocytopenia
Urine flows through the urinary system in which order? Kidney, ureter, bladder, urethra, urethral meatus
The point at which an impulse is transmitted from one neuron to another is: Synapse
Touching someone without permission is called: Assault and Battery
Blood flows from the heart's right ventricle into the: Pulmonary arteries
Gas exchange in the lungs occurs in one-celled air sacs called: Alveoli
The following are all segments of the large intestine except the: Ileum
Before referring a patient to another facility, a medical assistant should be sure to verify the patient's: Insurance
Calcium, potassium, and sodium are all classified as: Electrolytes
Adipose tissue is made of: Fat cells
The prefix brady (as in bradycardia) means: Slow
In the periodic table, K is the symbol for: Potassium
Korotkoff sounds are evaluated when: Determining blood pressure
A cystoscope is most commonly used by a specialist in: Urology
When washing hands, the three most important factors include: Friction, soap and warm running water
A medical procedure cannot be performed on a patient until the doctor obtains __________________. informed consent
A paramedic informs the medical assistant that a patient has had a cardiac arrest. What does this mean? sudden stoppage of the heartbeat
A 17 year old woman who is married arrives at the emergency department of a hospital with an injured arm. Who must consent to any treatment since this patient is a minor? Patient
What is the first step in treating a chemical burn of the skin? Flush area with water
The pharmaceutical abbreviation "qid" means ____________________. four times a day
The pharmaceutical abbreviation "bid" means _____________________. twice a day
Making a note in one file that a paper is in another file is called ________________. Cross-reference
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