C# 2.0 Test

Test Summary: An assessment aimed at measuring a candidate's proficiency of programming in the .NET environment by using C# 2.0.

Test Specifications:
  • Test Name: C# 2.0 Test
  • Test Publisher: SHL
  • Uses: Assess the candidate's proficiency of programming with C# 2.0
  • Job Level: Experienced Programmers
  • Number of Questions: 30
  • Estimated Testing Time: 35 minutes (90 minutes allowed)
  • Test Format: Multiple-Choice -- Adaptive
Abilities, Knowledge & Skills Measured:
  • Arrays and Collections, as well as Assembly Loading and Reflection
  • Object Creation and Lifetime, as well as Object Oriented Design
  • Delegates and Events, Exception Handling, and Grammar and Logic
  • Reference and Value Types, as well as Type Members
  • Unmanaged Interoperability