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Find resources to become a computer programmer, with certification information, practice tests, study guides and courses. Most programming certification programs require a candidate to pass an exam. For more information, see's Computer Programming Test Guide.
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Free Computer Certifcation Exams
Free Computer Certifcation Exams
Location: Denison
Location Type: Online

Organization: National Computer Science Academy
Address: Denison USA
National Computer Science Academy
Over 7,500 instructor led training courses in online, video and cd formats in many different computer certification programs
CHFI: Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator Training Class
CHFI: Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator Training Class
Phone: 301-220-2802

Organization: Academy of Computer Education
Phone: 301-220-2802
Description: Computer forensics involves applying concepts and practices of computer investigation and analysis to determine potential on-line criminal activity and develop legal evidence.
Academy of Computer Education
CHFI Training in Maryland, DC & Northern Virginia (Ashburn, VA | Dulles Corridor) | Ha