Florida Tests

Welcome to the Florida tests page, with resources on tests and testing services in Florida in such areas as academic tests, professional licensing exams and driving tests.

Academic Tests

Florida Standards Assessments (FSA): Students in grades 3-8 take the yearly English Language Arts and Mathematics assessments. In grades 9-10, students only take the English Language Arts assessment. 

Statewide Science Assessment: Students in grades 5 and 8 take this science assessment, which measures achievement against the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards.

End-of-Course (EOC) Assessments: These computer-based assessments are given to students at the end of Biology 1, United States History and Civics.

Professional Tests

Florida Electrician Licensing Exam - Find out how to become a licensed electrician in Florida.

Florida Nursing Assistant and Nurse Aide Guide - Find information on the qualifications to work as a nursing assistant or nurse aide in Florida.

Florida Medical Assistant Certification Exam - Find information on how to become certified or registered as a medical assistant in Florida.

Florida Professional Counselor Licensing Exam - Find information on the qualifications to become a licensed professional counselor in Florida, with NCE exam details.

Florida Life and Health Insurance Agent Exam - Find information on what is required to become a licensed life and health insurance sales agent in Florida.

Florida Nurse Licensing Exam - Find information on the qualifications to become a registered nurse in Florida.

Florida Massage Therapist Exams and Licensing - Find information on what is required to become a licensed massage therapist in Florida.

Florida Plumbing Exams and Licensure - Find information on licensing and testing requirements to become a plumber in Florida.

Florida Teacher Certification Examination - The FTCE is required for anyone who wants to become a certified teacher. The examination includes a General Knowledge test, Professional Education Test and 42 possible Subject Area Examinations.

Florida Educational Leadership Examination - This examination is based on 10 Principal Leadership Standards and is required for those seeking positions in Educational Leadership as principals or other school administrators.

Construction Industry Licensing Board Exam - This exam is required for anyone who wants to obtain a Contractors License in Florida. Candidates take exams in specialties such as Mechanics, Building, and Glass and Glazing depending on desired license. The test is two days long and offered six times a year

Driver's Tests

Road Signs and Road Rules Tests - This preliminary test for obtaining a driver's license consists of 20 multiple choice questions about road signs and 20 multiple choice questions about traffic laws and safety. These questions are drawn from the Florida driver license handbook.

Driving Test - After passing the Road Signs and Road Rules tests, the driving road test is required before a driver can obtain a Florida driver's license. This test examines a driver's ability to control a vehicle and obey traffic laws.  

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