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Need of a License: Electrical contractors must hold a state license to work in Georgia. Licenses are granted in two categories: Restricted Class I electrical contractor (single-phase electrical installations with 200 amperes or less on multifamily structures up to two levels or on single family dwellings of up to three levels) and unrestricted Class II (all types of residential/commercial) electrical installations).

Who Grants a License: Licenses are granted by the Georgia State Construction Industry Licensing Board, Division of Electrical Contractors.

Qualifications needed to receive a License: Documentation of four years of electrical contracting work experience under a licensed contractor is required. Documentation includes employer’s qualifying licensee name and number, dates of employment, size ranges for each category (i.e. 200-300 amps, ½-20 hp, etc.), and average number of hours per week duties performed in each category. Additional documentation includes a certificate of completion from a vocational/technical school program or copy of a diploma in Engineering Technology or related electrical field.

Exam Requirement: Electrical contractor license candidates must pass a state electrical exam to get a license. Georgina has reciprocal exam agreements with states of Alabama, North Carolina and South Carolina.

How to Apply for the License: Candidates must submit an application to the Georgia State Construction Industry Licensing Board, Division of Electrical Contractors board. Applications are available online or via mail. Applicants must also provide a background check (available from local law enforcement or through a private background check agency) and three references from professional licensees with knowledge of the applicant’s work, including at least one licensed electrical contractor the applicant has worked under. References are accepted from: electrical contractors, registered architects, professional engineers or city/county inspectors. Applicants for non-restricted electrical contractor licenses must include at least one non-restricted employer reference where the bulk of experience was obtained. If more than one electrical contractor reference is used, all must be non-restricted license holders. The board will accept licenses/results of approved examinations conducted by Alabama, North Carolina and South Carolina; applicants must submit a certification letter from the respective state board.

Request applications and mail completed applications to:

Georgia Board of Construction Industry, Division of Electrical Contractors
237 Coliseum Drive
Macon, Georgia 31217
(478) 207-2440

Test Content: The Class I exam has 155 multiple-choice questions and Class II exam has 162 multiple-choice questions. Only 140 questions are scored. The additional questions are being reviewed for future tests.  A test-taker is given 8 hours to complete the exam and it has two parts, broken down into two 4 hour test sessions. A scaled score of 70 is required to pass.

The Class I and II exams test the following general subject areas:

Law, Regulations and Administrative Functions

  1. Comply with Laws
  2. Comply with Regulations
  3. Comply with Administrative Requirements
  4. Plan and Organize Work
Technical Functions
  1. Maintain Basic Electrical Circuits
  2. Install and Maintain Electrical Controls and Devices
  3. Install and Maintain DC and AC Rotating Equipment
  4. Install, Size and Maintain Transformers
  5. Install and Maintain Interior Electrical Systems
  6. Special Equipment, Conditions and Locations

See the Candidate Handbook for more detailed description of the test plans.

Fees: There are fees for submitting an application and for exams. There is no fee for the original license; there are fees for license renewals.

Who Administers the Test: Applied Measurement Professionals (AMP).

License Renewal Requirements: Biannual renewal. To remain eligible for renewal, license holders must complete four hours of electrical contracting continuing education coursework annually (may be provided by a college, vocational-technical school, trade association, a public utility or an electrical equipment manufacturer).

Applicable Code: 2020 NEC.


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