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Any Plumbing License Exam in Illinois will cover many topics including: Vents & Venting; Administrative Procedures; Fixtures; Drainage Systems and more.  Whether you live in Chicago, Aurora, Rockford or another city or county, the resources below will help you get started:

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Need of a License: Plumbers and plumbing contractors need a license to work in Illinois.  

Who Grants a License: Plumbing licenses are regulated by the Illinois Department of Public Health. The City of Chicago also issues plumbing licenses for its jurisdiction.

Procedures for Getting a License:   A candidate must take an exam to obtain a plumbing license at the state level or in Chicago.

Qualifications to take the Exam and receive a License:  A candidate for a plumbing license must have been employed as an apprentice plumber for at least 4 years, completed a trade school program in plumbing and completed at least two years of high school. 

Plumbing contractors must register with the state, pay a fee and obtain a minimum of general liability, property damage, bodily injury and workers compensation insurance.  

How to Apply for the Test:  The application for a plumbing license at the state level can be found online at the Plumbing Program website. Mail the completed application to:

Illinois Department of Public Health
Office of Health Protection
Plumbing Program
525 W. Jefferson Street, 3rd Floor
Springfield, IL  62761

(217) 524-0791

In Chicago, the application can be found at the trade licensing web page. Mail the completed application to:

City of Chicago

Journeyman Plumber License

PO Box 388249

Chicago, IL 60638-8249

Test Content:  The Chicago plumbing exam is 3 hours in duration.  A score of 70 is needed to pass.  No calculators or reference materials can be brought into the testing site.  Calculators will be provided.  The test has the following content:

  • Plumbing Practice, Theory and Safety
  • Code Requirements for Plumbers and Contractors
  • Plumbing Systems
  • Rehabilitated Requirements
  • Drawings, Charts and Plans
  • Cutting and Assembling Plumbing System Components
  • Troubleshoot, Maintenance and Repair

Fees:  There are fees to take the test.

License renewal:  Licenses must be renewed each year.  There is a continuing education requirement.

Applicable Code:  Illinois has its own plumbing code.   Chicago also has its own plumbing code.


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Prepare to Pass the Actual Plumbing Exam:
600 Plumber Exam Questions, Flash Cards, and Testing Tips