Love Tests

Does he or she love me or love me not?  Are you a good match?  Is he a good fit for marraige?  Is she cheating on me?  Should we break up or stay together?

Check out the love tests in our top 3 love test rankings to help you decide these age old love questions.  There are many love quizzes on the web but our research has found that most of them are not very useful in helping you get the answers you need to help analyze your relationship and help you figure out what to look for and questions to ask your partner.


Ranking the Top 3 Love Tests

Love Test Name and Description Registration Time Price Number of Questions written in 1991, this test by Joe Savelberg has yes or no questions and might be the most popular love test on the internet.  The love questions are a simple yes or no. 1 Minute Free Questions and Analysis 43
True Love Test this test by Queendom is scientifically validated and requires time and thought to answer. Instant, none required Free Questions and Partial Analysis 22
Are You In Love or Forcing It? this test for women from Cosmopolitan is fast and useful. Instant, none required Free Questions and Analysis. 12
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