Missouri Tests

Welcome to the Missouri tests page, with resources on tests and testing services in Missouri in such areas as academic tests, professional licensing exams and driving tests.

Academic Tests

Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) - As required by federal law, Missouri gives a multiple-choice assessment in communication arts and math to public school students in grades 3-8 and a science assessment in grades 5, 8 and 11. Alternate assessments are given to disabled students. Currently, the state MAP program mandates that high school students must take a multiple-choice end-of-course exam in English II, Biology, Government and Algebra I. Districts may elect to administer EOC exams in English I, Algebra II, Geometry and U.S. History.

Missouri GED Program - Missouri offers a GED testing program to help adults without a high school diploma become more prepared for the working world. The minimum age requirement is 17 and test takers must score at least 2250 points to obtain a GED. The state offers online classes to help candidates prepare for the tests.

Professional Tests

Missouri Nursing Assistant and Nurse Aide Guide - Find information on the qualifications to work as a nursing assistant or nurse aide in Missouri.

Missouri Professional Counselor Licensing Exam - Find information on the qualifications to become a licensed professional counselor in Missouri, with NCE exam details.

Missouri Life and Health Insurance Agent Exam - Find information on what is required to become a licensed life and health insurance sales agent in Missouri.

Missouri Electrician Licensing Exam - Find out how to become a licensed electrician in Missouri.

Missouri Medical Assistant Certification Exam - Find information on how to become certified or registered as a medical assistant in Missouri.

Missouri Massage Exams and Licensing - Find information on how to become a licensed massage therapist in Missouri.

Missouri Nurse Licensing Exam - Find information on the qualifications to become a registered nurse in Missouri.

Missouri Plumbing Exams and Licensure - For information on testing and licensing requirements to become a plumber in Missouri.

Missouri Real Estate Sales Testing and Licensing - Missouri requires all real estate salespeople to take a computerized licensure examination developed by the Missouri Real Estate Commission. They must first finish the 48-hour pre-exam Missouri salesperson course. The multiple-choice test has both a state and a national portion.

Driver's Tests

Missouri Driving Tests - The state of Missouri requires anyone who has never been licensed to take a written test and a driving examination to qualify for a learner's permit or a license. Missouri has a graduated driver's license program for drivers between the ages of 15 and 18. Testing appointments are not required.

Missouri Commercial Driving Tests - The Missouri State Highway Patrol is responsible for conducting all CDL examinations. Those applying for a Class A, B or C CDL must take the appropriate knowledge exam, the general knowledge test, any knowledge tests required for their specific occupation and a driving test. The latter is given by appointment only.

Missouri Motorcycle Tests - Missouri requires all would-be motorcyclists to first obtain a temporary motorcycle instruction permit by passing the Missouri Class M Knowledge Test. Underage drivers must also take a motorcycle safety course. Applicants can then take the written and on-cycle exams to qualify for a full license. An appointment is not required.

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