North Dakota Plumbing Exams

The North Dakota Plumbing License Exam covers many topics including: Vents & Venting; Administrative Procedures; Fixtures; Drainage Systems and more.  Whether you live in Fargo, Bismarck, Grand Forks or another city or county, the resources below will help you get started:

Need of a License:  Journeyman and master plumbers need a license to work in North Dakota. 

Who Grants a License:  Plumbing licenses are issued by the North Dakota State Board of Plumbing.  

Procedures for Getting a License:   Candidates for the journeyman and master plumber licenses must take an exam to obtain a license.

Qualifications to take the Journeyman Exam and receive a License:  A candidate for the journeyman license needs 4 years of work experience under the supervision of a licensed master plumber.  If you have a valid journeyman license from another state, you can qualify to take the exam.  An out-of-state candidate can qualify to take the journeyman exam without having been a licensed journeyman plumber if the candidate had 5 years of plumbing experience in a state that does not license plumbers and passes a screening exam first.

Qualifications to take the Master Exam and receive a License:  A  candidate for the master license needs 2 years of work experience as a licensed journeyman plumber in North Dakota or in any other state that has licensing laws.  If you have a valid master license from another state, you can qualify to take the exam.

Test Content:  The test has questions about basic plumbing principles and the state plumbing code.  A candidate is also asked to draw stacks, vents, wastes and minimum pipe sizes on drawings which already have the piping fixtures on them.

How to Apply for the Test:  To obtain an application, contact the following:

     North Dakota State Plumbing Board

    1110 College Drive Suite 210

     Bismark, ND 58501

For more information, call (701) 328-9979. 

Who Administers the Exam:  North Dakota State Plumbing Board

Fees:  There are fees to take the test.

Applicable Code:   Local municipalities in North Dakota adopt the International Plumbing Code established by the International Code Council. 


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