Spanish Fluency Certification

Spanish Fluency Certification

Become a Certified Fluent in Spanish (CFS)™ online.  Earn Your Credential and Gain an Advantage.

Ideal for schools, colleges, businesses and other organizations for use in training, education and assessment.

Exam Format - Questions in multiple-choice; short answer; and written essay format.   Also includes a Skype or Facetime based oral interview. 

Exam Outline:
Lectura Y Comprensión
Selecciona La Palabra
Acentos Y Puntuación
Sinónimos Y Antónimos
Preguntas Para Ensayo

For more information on the application requirements and testing procedures and policies, see the CFS Candidate Handbook.

Certification Exam Development Team - Includes Spanish Educators and is led by a native Spanish speaker with a PhD in Linguistics.  Overseen by a team of PhD and Masters degreed psychometricians to ensure validity, fairness and reliability of the exam. 

Exam Fee: $95.00 + Online Proctor Fee: $25.00

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The National Licensing and Certification Organization (NLCO) developed and administers the CFS.