Donald Rehm, Cholesterol Test Expert

Don Rehm

Donald Rehm is an electrical engineer and consumer advocate. He currently works for, and is president of the International Myopia Prevention Association ( Mr. Rehm became interested in the subject of cholesterol testing, he claims, when he was not getting the right information from doctors. He has been studying the importance of attaining low cholesterol levels ever since.

How does a cholesterol test work?
A drop of blood is analyzed in a home test device.

How can a person determine if he or she needs a cholesterol test? Are there any significant indicators of which a person should be aware?
We all need to test for cholesterol unless we are on a vegan diet.

How often should a person's cholesterol be tested?
If your cholesterol is high, I would take steps to lower it and test monthly to see how effective the action is.

What are some advantages/disadvantages to using an at-home testing kit versus having a test performed in a doctor's office?
The advantageto home testing kits is low cost and convenience. I don't know of any disadvantage.

How long does it take to get results from an at-home cholesterol test?
10 minutes

What is the most significant advice can you give to people who wish to get a cholesterol test?
If you want to be sure you are removing plaque from your arteries and not depositing plaque, you need to get your total cholesterol down to 150. HDL and LDL are of little importance. The best way to do this is to adopt a vegan diet that is low in fat.

Do you have any further comments or suggestions for consumers regarding cholesterol testing?
If a vegan diet is not enough to lower your cholesterol to 150, do not take dangerous statin drugs. Take Red Yeast Rice and/or policosanol.

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