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Journeyman Electrician - Test 2 - 2014 NEC


1. For one-family dwellings and each unit of a two-family dwelling, at least one 125-volt, single-phase, 15- or 20-ampere receptacle outlet readily accessible from grade and NOT more than _____ above grade level shall be installed at the front and back of the dwelling.
2. When an industrial control panel is supplied from a 3-phase, 4-wire, delta-connected electrical system, the phase having the higher voltage to ground is _____ .
3. When conductors having a voltage of not more than 600 volts pass above a public driveway, they shall have a MINIMUM clearance of NOT less than _____ above finished grade.
4. Shore power for boats shall be provided by single receptacles rated NOT less than ______ .
5. Where a mobile home has the main service disconnecting means installed outdoors, the disconnecting means shall be installed so the bottom of the enclosure is NOT less than _____ above finished grade.
6. Determine the MAXIMUM allowable ampacity of a 3-conductor size 6 AWG XHHW aluminum SER cable installed in the attic of a one-family dwelling where the ambient temperature is 44 degrees C.
7. Unless specifically identified for a higher percentage of fill, the cross-sectional area of the conductors in a conduit seal shall NOT exceed _____ of the cross-sectional area of a rigid metal conduit of the same trade size.
8. All nonlocking-type, 125-volt, 15- and 20-ampere receptacles located in guest rooms of hotels and motels shall be listed _____ receptacles.
9. Direct-buried cables or conductors located in a trench below two (2) inch thick concrete or equivalent shall have a MINIMUM cover requirement of _____.
10. The MAXIMUM unsupported length of Type MC cable used to supply a luminaire in an accessible ceiling is permitted to be NOT more than _____ in length.
11. Which of the following listed is/are prohibited from being supplied through AFCI or GFCI protective devices?
12. Where a submersible pump is located in a pond of a water treatment plant, the on land service equipment for the pump shall be NO closer than _____ horizontally from the shoreline.
13. When splicing existing underground service conductors to extend to a new service location, the NEC requires _____ .
I) the use of splice boxes
II) the conductors to be protected with a covering of at least two (2) inches of concrete
14. Equipment supplied by Class 1 circuits such as fire alarm, control, and signaling circuits shall be grounded, UNLESS operating at less than _____ .
15. A single-phase, 120/240 volt, 18 kW rated home standby generator has a full-load current rating of _____ .
16. A premises wiring system supplied by a grounded ac electrical service, shall have a grounding electrode conductor connected to _____ .
17. A conductor with THHN marked on the insulation has a temperature rating of ______.
18. When a retail furniture store has 80 continuous linear feet of display show window, the NEC® mandates at LEAST _____ receptacle outlets be provided within 18 inches of the top of the show window for the show window lighting.
19. An inverter or an ac module in an interactive solar photovoltaic system shall _____ upon loss of voltage from the local utility company.
20. What MINIMUM size 75C copper feeder conductors are required to supply the following listed 3-phase, continuous-duty, 240-volt ac motors?
one (1) 15 hp wound-rotor
one (1) 7 hp induction-type
one (1) 3 hp induction-type
21. Which of the following is NOT required to be marked on the nameplate of a transformer?
22. In general, when current-carrying conductors are installed in parallel, the paralleled conductors in each phase shall _____.
I) be the same size in circular mil area
II) have the same insulation type
23. When determining the allowable ampacity of conductors where the conductors or cables are installed in conduits exposed to direct sunlight four (4) inches above a rooftop, a temperature value of _____ shall be added to the expected outdoor ambient temperature to determine the applicable correction factors of Table 310.15(B)(2)(a) of the NEC.
24. Where transformer vaults are not protected with an automatic fire-suppression system, they shall be constructed of approved materials that have a MINIMUM fire-resistance rating of _____.
25. In regard to new outdoor installations of permanently installed swimming pools, luminaires installed above the pool or within 5 feet horizontally from the inside wall of the pool, shall be installed at a height of NOT less than _____ above the maximum water level of the pool.
26. For solar photovoltaic systems, locating the system grounding connection point as close as practicable to the photovoltaic source better protects the system from _____.
27. Compliance with the provisions of the NEC will result in an electrical installation that is essentially _____.
28. In general, electrical metallic tubing (EMT) shall be securely fastened within _____ of each junction box, panelboard, or other conduit termination.
29. Where a 15-ampere rated general-use ac snap switch is used as a disconnecting means for an ac motor, the NEC requires the MAXIMUM full-load current rating of the motor to be NO more than _____ .
30. Determine the MAXIMUM number of 125-volt, general-purpose receptacles the NEC permits to be protected by a 20-ampere, 120-volt, single-pole inverse time circuit breaker in a commercial occupancy.
31. Where underground installed service conductors emerge from grade and extend up a pole, they are to be protected by enclosures or raceways to a point at least 8 feet above grade. Where the raceway is subject to physical damage, a type of raceway NOT approved for such use is _____.
32. In general, branch circuit conductors supplying continuous loads, such as fluorescent luminaires in an office building, school classroom, or retail shopping mall, shall have an ampacity of NOT less than _____ of the load.
33. Determine the conductor allowable ampacity given the following related information and conditions:
ambient temperature of 44 deg. C
250 kcmil THWN copper conductors
four (4) current-carrying conductors are in the raceway
length of raceway is 25 feet
34. Determine the MAXIMUM overcurrent protection permitted for size 14 THWN copper motor control circuit conductors tapped from the load side of a motor overcurrent protection device. Given: the conductors require short-circuit protection and do not extend beyond the motor control equipment enclosure.
35. Circuit breakers rated _____ or less and 1000 volts or less shall have the ampere rating molded, stamped, etched or similarly marked into their handles or escutcheon areas.
36. Where a grounding ring consists of size 2 AWG bare copper wire encircling a building, buried 36 inches, in direct contact with the earth, what is the MINIMUM length of the wire permitted for the grounding electrode in this ground ring?
37. Where a rooftop mounted air-conditioning unit is supplied with three (3) size 8 AWG THWN copper conductors, enclosed in an electrical metallic tubing (EMT) within three (3) inches of the rooftop, and exposed to direct sunlight and an ambient temperature of 100 degrees F, the allowable ampacity of the conductors is _____ .
38. Which of the following listed conductor insulations is oil resistant?
39. All exposed non-current-carrying metal parts of an information technology system shall _____ or shall be double insulated.
40. What is the MAXIMUM allowable voltage between branch-circuit conductors supplying luminaires in a residence or guest rooms of hotels and motels?
41. The service equipment for a mobile home shall be rated NOT less than _____, 120/240 volts, single-phase.
42. All 125-volt, single-phase receptacles not exceeding 30 amperes located at LEAST within _____ of the inside wall of a hydromassage tub shall be protected by a GFCI.
43. At the electrical service provided for a residence, the service-drop conductors shall have a MINIMUM clearance from final grade of _____.
44. Where a 240-volt, single-phase 90 ampere load is located 225 feet from a panelboard and supplied with size 3 THWN copper conductors; what is the approximate voltage drop on this circuit? (K = 12.9)
45. The continuity of the grounding system for portable electrical carnival equipment shall be verified _____ .
46. The MINIMUM required width of the working space in front of panelboards, switchboards, disconnects and motor controllers, shall be the width of the equipment or _____ whichever is greater.
47. In a commercial garage work area, which of the following receptacles, if any, are required to have GFCI protection?
I) 15-ampere general-purpose receptacles for hand tools and portable lighting equipment.
II) 20-ampere receptacles serving electrical diagnostic equipment only.
48. When sizing time-delay Class CC fuses for motor branch-circuit, short-circuit and ground-fault protection, they are to be sized at the same value as _____ .
49. The MINIMUM spacing required between the bottom of a 600 volt rated switchboard and the noninsulated busbars mounted in the switchboard cabinet is _____ .
50. Given: A rigid metal conduit (RMC) to be installed will contain only the following three (3) circuits on the load side of the service overcurrent protective devices:
*two - 150 ampere, 3-phase circuits
*one - 300 ampere, single-phase circuit
The load side equipment bonding jumper for this conduit must be a MINIMUM size of _____ copper.
51. Where conduits enter a floor-standing switchboard or panelboard at the bottom, the conduits, including their end fittings, shall NOT rise more than _____ above the bottom of the enclosure.
52. Flat conductor cable (FCC) systems may be used in _____.
53. What is the MAXIMUM length permitted for the flexible cord used to supply an electrically operated kitchen waste disposer?
54. Thermostatically controlled switching devices serving as both controllers and disconnecting means for fixed electric space heating equipment shall _____.
55. A bonding jumper connected between the communications grounding electrode and power grounding electrode system at the building or structure service where separate electrodes are used shall NOT be smaller than size _____ copper.
56. Given: A straight pull of size 4 AWG and larger conductors is to made in a junction box that will have a 3 in. conduit and two (2) 2 in. conduits entering on the same side and exiting on the opposite wall. No splices or terminations will be made in the box. Which of the following listed junction boxes is the MINIMUM required for this installation?
57. Where Type UF cable is installed as a substitute wiring method for NM cable, the conductor insulation shall be rated for _____.
58. All 15- or 20-ampere, single-phase, 125-volt receptacles located within at LEAST _____ of the edge of a decorative fountain shall be provided with GFCI protection for personnel.
59. The emergency controls for attended self-service gasoline stations or convenience stores with motor fuel dispensing facilities must be located NOT more than _____ from the motor fuel dispensers.
60. Given: A transformer is to be fed with four (4) parallel size 500 kcmil conductors per phase. The conductors will enter the enclosure on the opposite wall of the terminals. What is the MINIMUM wire-bending space required for the conductors?
61. What is the MINIMUM size THWN copper conductors required to supply a continuous-duty, 25 hp, 208-volt, 3-phase motor, where the motor is on the end of a short conduit run that contains only three (3) conductors, and located where exposed to an ambient temperature of 115 deg. F?
62. In dwelling units, hallways of _____ or more in length shall be provided with at least one 125-volt, single-phase, general-use receptacle outlet.
63. In general, where a 20-ampere branch circuit serves a single receptacle outlet, the rating of the receptacle must NOT be less than _____.
64. Where applying the general method of calculation for dwelling units, the load for household electric clothes dryers shall be a MINIMUM of _____ or the nameplate rating, whichever is larger, for each clothes dryer served.
65. When calculating the service-entrance conductors for a farm service, the second largest load of the total load, shall be calculated at _____ .
66. Single-conductor cable Type _____ shall be permitted in exposed outdoor locations in photovoltaic source circuits for photovoltaic module interconnections within the photovoltaic array.
67. What percent of electrical supplied spaces in a recreational vehicle park must be equipped with at least one (1) 30-ampere 125-volt receptacle outlet?
68. What is the MINIMUM number of 120-volt, 20-ampere, general lighting branch circuits required for a dwelling unit having a calculated lighting load of 9,600 VA?
69. Which of the following statements regarding a branch circuit provided for the purpose of charging electric vehicles is TRUE?
70. Where ungrounded conductors are run in parallel in multiple raceways, the equipment grounding conductor, where used, shall be _____.
71. Where track lighting is installed in a continuous row, each individual section of NOT more than _____ in length shall be securely supported.
72. Determine the MINIMUM size THWN copper branch-circuit conductors required by the NEC® to supply one 40 hp, 480 volt, continuous duty, 3-phase, induction-type, Design C, motor.
73. In health care facilities, essential electrical systems shall have a MINIMUM _____ .
74. Where compressed natural gas vehicles are repaired in a major repair garage, the area within _____ of the ceiling shall be considered unclassified where adequate ventilation is provided.
75. Determine the MINIMUM number of 15-ampere, 120-volt, general lighting branch-circuits required for a dwelling with 2,600 square feet of habitable space.
76. In a dwelling unit bedroom, any wall space that is LEAST _____ or more in width must be provided with a general-use receptacle outlet.
77. Which one of the following listed circuit breakers is NOT a standard ampere rating as per the NEC?
78. On a 4-wire, delta-connected electrical system, the conductor having the higher voltage to ground, (high-leg), shall be identified as _____ in color, if the grounded conductor is also present to supply lighting or similar loads.
79. The ampacity of the branch-circuit conductors supplying a residential central heating electric furnace shall NOT be less than _____ of the furnace load.
80. In general, which of the following MUST be provided at a patient bed location used for general care in a hospital?
81. A 240-volt, 10 kW, single-phase commercial dishwasher has a full-load current rating of _____.
82. Receptacles that are located within the patient rooms, bathrooms, playrooms and activity rooms of pediatric wards in a health care facility shall be _____ or shall employ a listed tamper-resistant cover.
83. Where a 2-gang box contains two (2) single-pole switches, unless the box is equipped with permanently installed barriers, voltage between the switches shall NOT be in excess of _____.
84. The MINIMUM distance permitted from wall switches to the inside walls of an indoor installed spa or hot tub shall be _____.
85. A luminaire shall be supported independently of the outlet box where it weighs MORE than _____ unless the outlet box is listed for the weight to be supported.
86. For a motor used in a continuous-duty application, the motor nameplate current rating is used to determine the size of the _____ required for the motor.
87. The ampacity of phase conductors from the generator terminals to the first overcurrent device shall NOT be less than _____ of the nameplate current rating of the generator where the design of the generator does not prevent overloading.
88. In Class II, Division 1 locations, an approved method of connection of conduit to boxes or cabinets is _____ .
89. The optional method of calculation for dwelling units is reserved for dwelling units with a demand load of at LEAST _____ or more.
90. Apply the general method of calculation for dwellings and determine the demand load, in kW, on the service-entrance conductors for one (1) household 8 kW rated electric range.
91. When exceptions are not to be taken into consideration, what are the smallest size copper conductors permitted for use as overhead service-drop conductors?
92. GFCI protection is required for _____ provided for public use.
I ) automotive vacuum machines located at car washes
II) tire inflation machines located at convenience stores
93. Which one of the following listed cables has an overall covering that is fungus resistant?

94. Determine the allowable ampacity of each size 12 AWG 75 deg. C rated copper conductor, where three (3) current-carrying conductors are in a common raceway with an ambient temperature of 125 deg. F.
95. For track lighting installed in a retail store, a MAXIMUM of two (2) feet of lighting track or fraction thereof shall be considered _____ .
96. Where a conduit longer than 24 inches contains two (2) ungrounded conductors, one (1) grounded conductor and one (1) equipment grounding conductor, the conduit is permitted to be filled to a MAXIMUM of_____ of its cross-sectional area.
97. All of the following copper conductors are to be installed in an electrical metallic tubing (EMT) ten (10) feet long:
24 - size 10 AWG THHW
10 - size 10 AWG THHN
14 - size 12 AWG THHN
Determine the MINIMUM trade size EMT required.
98. In pull boxes or junction boxes having any dimension over _____, all conductors shall be cabled or racked up in an approved manner.
99. Where interlocked armor metal-clad cable (Type MC) is used as a wiring method to minimize the transmission of vibration from a motor, the cable is permitted to be unsupported where the cable is NOT more than _____ in length.
100. All 125-volt, single-phase, 15- and 20-ampere receptacle outlets installed in the following listed locations of dwelling units, shall be provided by a listed ground-fault circuit interrupter EXCEPT _____.