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Master Plumber Practice Test

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Admin. Policies & Procedures

1. As a master plumber you will be allowed to apply for plumbing permits. Which of the following data will you be required to provide on a plumbing permit application?
2. For the issuance of a plumbing permit, which of the following is normally required?
3. If alterations are made in an existing plumbing system, the work is required to bring the entire existing plumbing system up to current code requirements.

General Regulations

4. Your job requires you to schedule maintenance on a large commercial building for one of your customers. What is the required frequency for the inspection of backflow preventers?
5. When working with engineered trusses, you must be aware of certain limitations that do not apply to trusses made of dimensional lumber. For example, an engineered truss must not be ___________________.
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6. Mechanical joints are an acceptable means of joining materials of different types.


7. What is the maximum distance that employees can be required to walk in order to reach a restroom?
8. What is the minimum allowable height for a handicap toilet?
9. Accessible lavatories are required to be installed so that the distance from a finished floor to the top of a lavatory is no more than ______ inches.

Indirect & Special Wastes

10. Discharge tubing connected to a relief valve does not require traps for which of the following?
11. You are in charge of a rough-in installation. The specifications given to you indicate the need for an indirect waste receptor. Upon further reflection, you notice a code violation in the specifications. The specs call for a fixture that is not normally allowed in a room with an indirect waster receptor. You are going to investigate this with the person who created the specifications. What type of fixture is it that you are questioning?
12. What is the maximum allowable water temperature that can be used with a commercial dishwashing machine?

Vents and Venting

13. When multiple fixtures discharge into a wet vent they must do so upstream of the wet vent.
14. What type of vent is only allowed to convey air and sewer gas?
15. What is the minimum allowable diameter for a vent that will serve a sump for a sewer pump that has a discharge capacity of 500 gpm?

Traps and Cleanouts

16. Drain pipes that are not building drains or horizontal branches that are installed in second-story framing are _________.
17. What type of drain requires the installation of a cleanout when two eighth bends are used to create a 90-degree change in direction?
18. Only brass or plastic plugs can be used for sealing cleanout openings.

Water Supply & Distribution

19. Which of the following do you need in order to size water piping for a water distribution system?
20. A minimum distance of 100 feet is required between a pasture and a potable water well.
21. Carbonated beverage dispensers require the installation of ______________ on the incoming water supply.

Sanitary Drainage Systems

22. Sizing procedures for sewers is done with the same practices and principles that are used when sizing ________________.
23. Assume you are installing drainage piping in and around a food service area. Which of the following locations are not allowed to have exposed drainage piping installed above them?
24. Suppose you want to turn a vertical drain to a horizontal position. Which of the following fittings cannot be used for this purpose?

Special Piping & Storage Systems

25. All fixtures and fittings installed in rooms housing psychiatric patients must be ________.
26. Suction equipment that is supplied with water falls under the same regulations of the plumbing code that pertains to aspirators.
27. Drains from sterilizers must be connected to a drainage system through an indirect-waste connection.

Water Heaters

28. Imagine that you are called upon to install a water heater for a triplex rental property. The water heater will be used for domestic purposes. Which of the following is required for the satisfactory installation?
29. Vacuum breakers are to be installed in conjunction with the inlet piping that serves a water heater.
30. The installation of an electric water heater requires which of the following to be in close proximity to the fixture?

Recycling Gray Water

31. Fifteen-pound roofing felt is the preferred cover material for aggregate installed in a seepage pit or trench.
32. All gray water reservoirs are required to be fitted with a drain at the lowest point of the reservoir. This drain is required to discharge to _____________.
33. To avoid confusing gray water with potable water you must dye gray water. What color dye are you required to use to identify water as gray water?

Storm Drainage

34. Storm-water drainage systems have the same requirements for cleanouts as sanitary drainage systems.
35. Which of the following types of valves are likely to be found in a storm-drainage system?
36. Assume that you are drawing a piping diagram for the installation of a sump pump. Which of the following are you going to show installed in the discharge piping?

Fuel Gas

37. What is the maximum allowable pressure for plastic gas piping that conveys natural gas?
38. Unions installed on gas piping are required to ______________.
39. The maximum allowable pressure to be used when testing gas piping is ________.

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