2018 Edition

Journeyman Plumber Practice Exam Kit - 2015 IPC


Administrative Policies and Procedures

1. Who is authorized to interpret the local plumbing code?
2. A plumbing permit is required for the replacement of which of the following?
3. Alterations to an existing plumbing system must not ___________________.
4. Approved plans are required to be kept on a job site and available for inspection on demand by a code officer.
5. The replacement of a water heater requires a plumbing permit and a code inspection.
6. Assume that you are making minor repairs to a residential plumbing system. In this case you are replacing a kitchen faucet, repairing a dripping valve in the water distribution system and replacing the lower element in an electric water heater. Based on this scenario, which of the following is true?
7. Only licensed plumbers are allowed to obtain plumbing permits.
8. The use of previously used plumbing materials is prohibited for second use in a plumbing system.
9. Who is allowed to apply for a plumbing permit?
10. Assume that you will be involved as a plumber in the demolition of a structure. This work will require that all utilities to the building be cut off and separated from the systems within the building. When this is the case a plumber must remove any existing water meter provided by a municipality in the water distribution system and any sewer connection to a building sewer.
11. For the issuance of a plumbing permit which of the following is normally required?
12. Once you obtain a journeyman plumbing license you are entitled to operate as a self-employed, full-service plumber.
13. Assume that a plumbing permit has been issued for the plumbing of a new home. The plumbing contractor has been waiting longer than expected for the building contractor to have the home ready for plumbing work to begin. There is a chance that the plumbing permit could become invalid if work is not started soon. At what point after a plumbing permit is issued can it become invalid if work is not begun?
14. Alterations made in an existing plumbing system are required to comply with current code requirements for plumbing systems.
15. Assume that a plumbing permit was issued for a new plumbing installation. The work started about one month after the permit was issued. During the rough-in phase of plumbing the property owner ran into financial problems and was forced to put the project on hold. At what point from the time that plumbing work was stalled can the permit be rendered invalid?
16. It is a violation of the plumbing code to change the use of a property. As an example, if a residential home is converted to professional office space it is a violation of the plumbing code.
17. Which of the following requires a journeyman plumbing license?
18. The provisions for licensing are determined by which of the following:
19. An application for a building permit on a job which includes new plumbing must include all of the following, except:
20. In situations where various codes, installation instructions, standards and provisions conflict, the ____________________________________ shall prevail:
21. A plumbing system may be ordered to be removed by the plumbing authority if the following exists:
22. Who, or whom, has the authority to disconnect a plumbing system from utilities in the event of an immediate hazard to life or property?
23. A plumbing permit is required if the following work is to be performed:
24. The code enforcement office may, in writing, suspend or revoke a permit if:
25. Water, sewer and gas plumbing systems must be able to be tested, inspected and approved by the plumbing authority. The code requirement for testing a low pressure natural gas system within the structure is set at _____________________.
26. The common means used in testing DWV, water and gas distribution systems includes all but which of the following?

General Regulations

27. When a plumbing permit is required for work to be done, the acquisition of the permit must be done ___________________.
28. All plumbing permits are required to be signed by ____________________.
29. Many local code jurisdictions require a site plan before any work is done on an existing sewer or water service.
30. Your boss has asked you to create a schedule for maintenance on a large building. How often should backflow preventers be inspected?
31. Plumbing inspectors issue Stop Work Orders for which of the following reasons?
32. Code enforcement officials are empowered to condemn the use of a building for its present use.
33. Trusses must not be _______________.
34. You have been left to connect a building drain to a sewer and wait for the plumbing inspector to approve the connection. Then you are to bury the pipe. What is the minimum depth of cover required over the crown of a buried pipe?
35. Consider this example. Jeff is a master plumber. He has been asked to provide plumbing for a warehouse that will be located in an area subject to flooding. The warehouse will have a concrete floor and will have only one level of service area. Most of the plumbing will be installed below the concrete floor. Given the risk of potential flooding, Jeff is required to protect against which of the following?
36. When installing underground piping in soil that may be corrosive, any piping installed must be protected from the risk of corrosion.
37. It is generally recommended that plumbing systems be installed above a designated flood hazard area. However, special provisions can be made that allows some plumbing to be installed below a design flood elevation. Which of the following is allowed to be installed below a design flood elevation?
38. Spencer is installing a new plumbing system. The building drain will exit the foundation below a concrete footing. Foundation walls are to be made of poured concrete. The plans and specifications call for three exterior hose bib connections. This will require three piping penetrations through the upper section of the concrete walls on each side of the building and one pipe penetration through the wall on a lower section where the walk-out basement will not be backfilled as high as it will be on the sides. There will be a total of four pipe penetrations in various locations. Each pipe is required to be protected by a sleeve as the pipe penetrates an exterior wall. What is the minimum size of the sleeve required?
39. Plumbing installed below ground level must be protected from freezing temperatures. The frost line where freezing stops penetrating the ground varies from climate to climate. What is the minimum depth below a frost line that a water service pipe is allowed to be installed?
40. Assume that you are installing drain pipes in a hospital. Some of the walls in the building are required to be fire-resistant. It is permissible to penetrate the fire-resistant walls using a foam installation around the area between your pipe and protective sleeve.
41. What is the maximum distance allowed between pipe hangers when supporting horizontal drain-waste-and-vent (DWV) piping that is made of ABS or PVC?
42. Assume that you are updating an existing plumbing system. The old plumbing contains various types of piping. There is copper DWV piping, cast iron DWV piping and galvanized steel DWV piping. Water distribution piping is installed with Type M copper tubing and brass piping. You want to use PVC pipe for your DWV work and Type L copper tubing for your water distribution piping. Which of the following connectors will the plumbing code allow you to use on the DWV piping?
43. Mechanical joints are prohibited from joining materials of different types.
44. How much grade is required on the fall of a drainage line for a condensate pipe?
45. The liquid combustion byproducts of condensing appliances must be collected and discharged to an approved plumbing fixture or disposal area in accordance with which of the following?
46. Equipment containing evaporators must be provided with a condensate drainage system.
47. An auxiliary drain pan for a condensate system must be equipped with which of the following?
48. Which of the following types of materials may be used for condensate drainage?
49. What is the minimal diameter of piping used for a condensate drainage system?
50. When metal pans are used to collect condensate drainage they must have a minimum thickness of 0.0277 inches.
51. Which of the following is suitable for testing a DWV system for leaks?
52. Which of the following statements concerning pipe, tubing or fittings is NOT accurate, according to Code?
53. A journeyman plumber has the authority to perform all of the following plumbing work except:
54. An indirect connection from a floor drain or sump pump at the bottom of an elevator shaft to the plumbing system can be achieved by a ____________________________.
55. With respect to plumbing systems, all materials used must have the approval of which of the following:
56. All pipe used in plumbing applications will have all of the following markings except:
57. Pipe ends should be reamed or deburred because, if not, which of the following may result?
59. An example of a DWV fitting used in a drainage system in a prohibitive manner is a __________.
60. Plumbing drainage passing through concrete footings and foundation walls need to be protected by ___________.
61. You are sent out on a commercial job to install pipe hangers for PEX tubing. For this type of pipe your hangers must be spaced ___________ apart.


62. What are the minimum plumbing fixtures that must be installed in a single-family residence?
63. You have been called in to install rough plumbing for a multi-family building. The structure houses four apartments. Which of the following is not required to be installed in individual rental units?
64. How many toilets are required for a daycare facility that houses 15 people?
65. What is the maximum distance an employee of a department store should have to walk to reach a suitable restroom facility?
66. All hospitals are required to have a minimum of two water services. However, the two water services are allowed to connect to a single water main.
67. Which of the following structures are likely to require the installation of handicap plumbing fixtures?
68. Your job has you roughing in plumbing for a public restroom. The general contractor wants you to install two toilets, one urinal, one shower and one drinking fountain in the restroom for males. The female bathroom will not have a urinal, but it will require a bidet. Which of the following is not allowed to be installed in a public restroom?
69. You are new to plumbing applications where handicap fixtures are required. Special requirements for these fixtures exist, but you are not sure what they are. Will you find the answers to all of your questions in the plumbing code or the building code? Which of the following must be taken into consideration when working with accessible plumbing fixtures?
70. What is the likely height of a handicap toilet?
71. The accessible travel route for people going to use public plumbing facilities must not pass through a kitchen.
72. Which of the following describes a specific type of toilet?
73. What is the minimum distance required in front of an accessible lavatory?
74. What is the maximum distance from a finished floor to the top of a lavatory for a handicapped fixture?
75. What is the maximum height allowed for a kitchen sink when it is being installed for accessible purposes?
76. Unisex toilet facilities must be installed along accessible routes. The distance to be traveled to reach the facilities must not exceed 300 feet.
77. What is the maximum distance that a lavatory faucet for accessible use can be placed from the front edge of a lavatory?
78. What is the maximum pressure allowed as the force needed to operate a handle on a handicap faucet?
79. Which of the following is required to be installed with a bathtub that is used for a handicap installation?
80. What is the minimum length requirement for a hose that serves a personal shower unit in a handicap bathing unit?
81. Assume that you are installing a kitchen sink. The sink is to be installed in a custom-made base cabinet that contains two doors that open outward. Plumbing code requirements dictate certain requirements for fixtures than can involve the cabinet design of the cabinet housing the fixture. In this case a plumber should check the toe clearance of the kitchen cabinet. There must be a minimum of nine inches high and nine inches deep that will allow for toe space.
82. What is the maximum width of a seat in a shower that is installed for handicap use?
83. When installing a drinking fountain it is required by code that the operational device used to trigger the dispensing of water be located where?
84. Assume that you are installing a standard bidet. This is not meant to be a handicap installation. You will also be installing a toilet beside the bidet. There is a wall to the right of the proposed bidet location. Additionally, there is a bathtub already in place to the left of the proposed toilet location. You have to determine the minimum spacing requirements between fixtures to be code compliant. How much space is required from the center of the drain for the bidet from the nearest fixture or wall?
85. When plumbing inspectors are inspecting the installation of plumbing fixtures they may consider which of the following in their decisions to approve or reject an installation?
86. Assume that you are working on a job that is new construction. The time has come to install toilets. You have heard of reverse traps on toilets. Since you want to show your knowledge you ask the supervising plumber what type of toilets will be installed. He tells you that siphon jet toilets are going to be used. Toilets that are equipped with reverse traps are no longer approved by current plumbing codes.
87. The bolts used to secure a toilet to a closet flange should be made of which of the following materials?
88. What is the minimum unobstructed opening of egress when a shower door is installed for a typical shower?
89. Assume that you have been hired to install a shower valve. The customer wants a shower valve that will reduce the risk of a scalding risk. Which of the following will you not install?
90. Your job calls for you to install plumbing for a handicap tub-shower combination. Part of your job involves the installation of grab bars. You will, of course, be installing a valve/faucet for the bathing unit. The lowest grab bar is intended to be mounted 9 inches above the flood-level rim of the fixture. It is very important to remember to install the shower valve at least 6 inches above the grab bar in that section of the bathing unit.
91. Which of the following types of devices are approved to block the waste opening of a bathtub?
92. An access panel is required when a bathtub has which of the following types of tub waste assembly?
93. Dishwasher installations require the use of which of the following?
94. You and your plumber have just finished installing seven drinking units in a commercial building. The plumber tells you to go to each fixture and check to see that the water being delivered for drinking is high enough. You must ensure that the water delivery is at the front of the fixture and that the water flows upwards for a minimum distance of four inches.
95. The drainage hose from a clothes washing machine should discharge into which of the following?
96. What is the minimum diameter of a drain pipe allowed to be for a residential garbage disposal?
97. What is the minimum diameter of a drain that will receive the waste from a floor drain?
98. Bidets must be equipped with an approved device on the incoming water pipe to prevent back siphonage.
99. What is the minimum drain diameter for a shower drain?
100. What is the minimum height requirement for a shower wall above the shower drain?
101. When sheet lead is used to line a shower pan that will have a poured concrete base and tile finish, the lead must not weigh less than _______ per square inch per square foot.
102. When a drinking fountain is installed in a public restroom the fixture must have a minimum distance of 15 inches from the side of the fountain to the center of a toilet.
103. Ballcock assemblies for residential toilet must be which of the following?
104. Sheet copper can be used as a liner for a built-up shower. This is a suitable alternative to sheet lead. What is the minimum weight requirement for sheet copper used for this purpose based on a one square foot section of the material?
105. What is the minimum diameter of a drain for a commercial garbage disposer?
106. You are helping to install piping for a sterilizer in a healthcare facility. During the installation you realize that part of the plumbing is running through a base cabinet equipped with two doors. This bothers you since you know that it is wrong, but you don't really want to point it out to your boss. But the fact is, all piping for sterilizers must be made readily accessible.
107. Garbage can washers are required to be fitted with which of the following?
108. How many urinals may one flush valve serve?
109. Which of the following water closet designs are not allowed for commercial use?
110. Another name for a clinical sink in a health-care installation is which for the following?
111. Assume that you are sent to a job where you are to install a medical sterilizer in a healthcare facility. There are a number of code requirements related to medical sterilizers. Which of the following is required for the installation of a sterilizer?
112. Do you know the difference between accessible and readily accessible? The plumbing code uses both terms and they are considerably different. In order to comply with the code you must understand the difference. So, what does readily accessible mean? Choose from the following options.
113. Which of the following locations is suitable for the installation of vacuum fluid-suction systems?
114. What is the minimum diameter of a vent pipe for a bedpan washer?
115. What is the minimum height above a flood-level rim of a fixture that a backflow prevention device is allowed to be installed?
116. Which of the following is the most common type of backflow prevention device installed in hospitals?
117. Which of the following is NOT true regarding compliance with ADA Accessibility commode requirements?
118. Toilets installed in public restrooms should be rated at no more than ___________ gallons per flush?
119. You are installing the rough-in for an ADA compliant urinal. What is the maximum rim height AFF you need to consider for the urinal upon final installation when roughing-in the drain outlet?
120. The maximum water temperature for a public lavatory should be set at ________________.
121. To control the maximum water temperature on a public lavatory, which of the following is not permissible by Code?
122. An example of a prohibited plumbing fixture is a ______________________.
123. The minimum clearance for a lavatory, or water closet, from the side wall or partition to its center is _______________________.
124. A wheelchair access urinal must have which of the following clearances from wall to partition or partition to partition?
125. Approved commode bolts should be made of _____________________.
126. The minimum distance between adjacent fixtures (center to center) in a public restroom, other than accessible fixtures, is _____________________.
127. Which of the following types of plumbing connections in concealed spaces would require installation of an access panel?
128. In order to eliminate trap siphonage or sudsing in other fixtures downstream from a domestic clothes washing machine, a(n) _________________________ should be installed.
129. The discharge hose from a domestic washing machine must connect to the drain standpipe in the following manner:
130. Domestic clothes washer manufacturers were once required by Code to have a(n) _____________________ on their product.
131. Because domestic clothes washer manufacturers are no longer required to comply with ASSE 1007, many plumbing inspectors require a(n) _______________________ on the water connections to the washer.
132. All bath tubs must have a minimum drain size of what diameter pipe?
133. Bath tubs are required to have not only a waste connection on the drain, but also a/an _____________________________.
134. Code requires which of the following between the tub filler spout and flood rim of the tub?
135. The hot water temperature serving a bidet should not exceed _____________________ degrees.
136. To prevent possible back siphonage on a bidet, a/an ____________________ should be installed.
137. The water supply to a commercial dishwashing machine must have which two of the following backflow protection devices or methods?
138. The flushing fluid temperature of an emergency eye wash is specified by Code to be __________.
139. Which of the following is not required of emergency eye wash and shower stations?
140. The minimum diameter pipe size for a floor drain is ________________________.
141. The water supply to a commercial food waste grinder should be protected against backflow by a backflow preventer or a/an _____________________________________.
142. Most grinder manufacturers recommend _________________ water to effectively flush grease and food contents through grinder.
143. You are sent to install and ADA accessible wall-hung lavatory on a commercial job. After mounting the wall hanger bracket, you must be sure the measurement of the rim of the lavatory does not exceed ___________________ AFF upon installation.
144. What is the minimum diameter of a P-trap allowed for a public lavatory?
145. Which of the following fixtures is required by Code to have an approved water temperature device installed?
146. Which of the following types of urinal is no longer Code approved?

Indirect and Special Wastes

147. Which of the following types of fixtures may have requirements for an indirect waste connection?
148. Assume that you are working with an indirect waste receptor. It is up to you to determine if a trap is needed and where it should be placed. You know that traps are not allowed on the discharge tubing from a relief valve on a water heater. In some cases the drain for an indirect waste connection can run up to five feet before it has to be trapped. However, the common requirement is for an indirect waste drain to be trapped if the length of the drain exceeds which of the following?
149. Buildings that require a system for the handling of special waste are required to have two drainage systems. One system is for used with special wastes. The second system is to be used for normal sanitary drainage needs.
150. Which of the following is considered to be the best method for connecting an indirect waste to a sanitary drainage system?
151. Which of the following types of drainage tubing do not require a trap?
152. When an air break is being created the discharge hose from a fixture being served by the drain receptor is required to penetrate the receptor to a point where at least two inches of the discharge tube are below the trap seal.
153. You are plumbing a new house. Part of the plumbing system includes the installation of DWV piping for a clothes washer. The fixture is going to discharge its wastewater into an indirect waste that will be trapped and vented. The minimum required height of the receptor standpipe is _______ inches and the maximum allowable height of the standpipe is _______.
154. Standpipes for automatic clothes washing machines must have a minimum diameter of two inches. The drains for these standpipes are required to travel their developed length in their full diameter and enter into a drainage branch or stack that has a minimum diameter of ______. The vent for a washing machine standpipe can be as small as 1.5 inches in diameter.
155. A wye-branch fitting is approved to accept the waste from an air gap for a domestic dishwasher when the wye-branch fitting is connected to an end-outlet waste for a kitchen sink.
156. During a rough-in installation you notice that an indirect waste receptor is called for in the room where you are installing a DWV system. At the same time you see a requirement for what is normally a prohibited fixture when it is installed in the same room as an indirect waste. What type of fixture is it that you are questioning?
157. Which of the following locations is not an acceptable location for an indirect waste receptor?
158. Assume that you are installing plumbing for floor drains in a walk-in refrigerator or freezer. The building where this is occurring is a food service establishment. You are working under the normal plumbing code guidelines. In this case no exceptions have been made. Is it true that the floor drains must connect to the sanitary drainage system through an air gap?
159. You have just installed a commercial dishwashing machine and have been asked by the property owner to set the temperature for the water at 140 degrees F. What is the maximum allowable temperature for hot water used in commercial dishwashing machines?
160. Which of the following types of building usage are most likely to create a need for special wastes?
161. Clear water waste from a potable source, such as a relief valve on a water heater, must be piped to an indirect waste through an air gap.

Vents and Venting

162. Which of the following is accomplished by the installation of plumbing vents?
163. Which of the following types of fixtures can be served by a combination-waste-and-vent system?
164. Assume that you are installing a CWV system for part of the plumbing fixtures in a building. You will install a DWV system for toilets. This building contains floor drains, lavatories, sinks, toilets, bathtubs, showers, drinking fountains, bidets, garbage disposers and slop sinks. Which of the following fixtures will you not install on the CWV system?
165. As an apprentice plumber you are working on the installation of a DWV system with a journeyman plumber. You were studying about the use of relief vents the night before. Your journeyman plumber is taking a break and you ask about using relief vents with circuit vents. The answer you get is that relief vents are not allowed to be used in conjunction with circuit vents. Is this true or false?
166. Drum traps are usually prohibited in new plumbing installations. Choose from the list below a situation where a drum trap is allowed for a new installation.
167. Individual vents serve only one fixture. These vents are _________.
168. Relief vents are installed with trap arms that extend beyond the allowable distance between a trap and its vent. Assume that you are installing piping of various sizes that will require relief vents. Pipe diameters for the drains include 1.5 inches, 2 inches and 3 inches. Which of the following describes the minimum diameter of a relief vent for each of the drain sizes.
169. You are installing a drain that will be vented with a circuit vent. You check your code book to find out what the allowable grade on the vent will be so that you can drill holes in the framing studs that will allow an approved installation. That is when you find that a horizontal drain that is being vented by a circuit vent is required to have a maximum grade of one inch per foot.
170. Circuit vents can do which of the following?