2024 Edition

Postal - Describe Your Approach


1. a. If I work hard, I will succeed at anything.

b. Hard work does not always bring success.
2. a. Teamwork is important to productivity.

b. I work best on my own.
3. a. To succeed in life, it helps to have good teachers.

b. I am self-educated.
4. a. I work best when my area is clean and organized.

b. My work area is sometimes a big mess, but I still know where everything is to be productive.
5. a. I do not stop until I complete all my work every day.

b. As long as I do my best and work accurately, it does not matter if I finish.
6. a. I prefer to make a plan and stick to it.

b. Spontaneity makes life more interesting.
7. a. It is important to be on time.

b. Being five minutes late is ok.
8. a. I believe success is everything.

b. Money is not the most important thing in life.
9. a. Rules are made to be broken.

b. Rules are made for a reason.
10. a. I like to go by detailed instructions.

b. I like short-cuts.
11. a. At work, I follow what my employer says to do.

b. I think projects turn out better if I do it my way.
12. a. Change is difficult for me to accept.

b. I get bored easily.
13. a. I like to follow a routine.

b. Repetition makes me bored.
14. a. I frequently offer to help people do their work.

b. I think everyone should be responsible for their own actions.
15. a. Many people have more luck than others.

b. I like to make my own luck.
16. a. I function best when everything is in perfect order.

b. I like to mix everything up a bit.
17. a. I have no problem adhering to a strict deadline.

b. Deadlines are not important as long as the work is good.
18. a. I prefer to hear other people's perspective.

b. Numerous points of view make decision making harder.
19. a. The more the merrier.

b. I am more of a loner.
20. a. I only do what is expected from me and nothing else.

b. I try to go above and beyond.
21. a. I work best with some insight from someone else.

b. Advice from others does not usually help me.
22. a. I prefer a quiet working environment.

b. I love the sounds of a crowd.
23. a. I tend to trust most people.

b. People have to earn my trust.
24. a. I like to be a bit challenged.

b. I prefer to have a clear plan.
25. a. Crowds make me nervous.

b. I love a party.
26. a. I like to make goals that seem to be a little out of reach.

b. I prefer to have goals that I know I can achieve.
27. a. I like to work at a nice and steady pace.

b. I am at my best when I'm under pressure.
28. a. I always know exactly what I want.

b. I frequently have problems making up my mind.
29. a. I favor my point of view in a decision.

b. l like to look at things from all angles.
30. a. I prefer to be flexible and adapt to new challenges.

b. I like to assert my will to get things done.
31. a. I love to be surprised.

b. I like to plan things down to the last minute.
32. a. Schedules make life easier.

b. Spontaneity makes life more interesting.
33. a. I'm uncomfortable speaking in front of an audience.

b. I typically do most of the talking.
34. a. I admit it when I make a mistake.

b. I tend to be a perfectionist.
35. a. It always turns out best when you are honest.

b. White lies are ok to avoid hurting someone's feelings.
36. a. I would admit it to my supervisor if I messed something up.

b. If I make a mistake, I try to fix it before anyone finds out.
37. a. If someone else makes a mistake, I usually bring it to their attention.

b. I dislike causing embarrassment for anyone.
38. a. If I see someone doing something they should not be doing, I usually tell them to stop.

b. I generally mind my own business.
39. a. I try to work harder and faster than anyone else.

b. I do not like to be rushed.
40. a. I like to bounce ideas back and forth with someone when I work.

b. I work best when no one else is around.
41. a. I do not mind pitching in and helping other people.

b. I do not like having to clean up other people's messes.
42. a. It's frequently difficult for people to understand me.

b. I am an open book.
43. a. I typically talk more than anyone else in the room.

b. I find that I learn more if I talk less and listen more.
44. a. It's true, the best things in life are frequently free.

b. The more something costs, the more quality it has.
45. a. I prefer to work at a fast pace.

b. When I work slow, I make fewer mistakes.
46. a. It's important to treat people fairly.

b. It's natural for some people to be favored over others.
47. a. I prefer to deal with people who are realistic.

b. New ideas are key to success.
48. a. I cut corners if I can.

b. I do everything by the book.
49. a. You cannot teach an old dog new tricks.

b. Learning is a life-long process.
50. a. People should be required to pull their own weight.

b. I sometimes do my work and other people's work too.
51. a. Talking to a stranger comes easy to me.

b. I am an introvert when around people I do not know.
52. a. I am frequently complimented for the way I dress.

b. I don't care about wearing nice or expensive clothes.
53. a. When I run out of work to do, I wait for someone to tell me what to do next.

b. If I run out of work, I look for more.
54. a. I don't like sudden loud noises.

b. I love to play music loud.
55. a. I think the best time of day is when work is over.

b. I never turn down working overtime.
56. a. I believe most people are trustworthy.

b. People have to earn my trust.
57. a. Bossy people make me nervous.

b. I ignore someone who is trying to intimidate me.
58. a. I don't like it when someone asks me personal questions.

b. I have nothing to hide.
59. a. When I am overly tired, I get grumpy.

b. I'm always happy.
60. a. I have to be happy with the place where I work.

b. I'll do any kind of job if it pays enough.
61. a. I give every decision I make a lot of thought beforehand.

b. I think fast on my feet.
62. a. It takes me a long time to make up my mind.

b. I always know what I want.
63. a. It's better to bight your tongue when people are mean to you.

b. I feel mean people should be put in their place.
64. a. Variety is the spice of life.

b. I prefer to hang out with people who look and think like me.
65. a. I think the person in charge has the last word.

b. People in charge should be questioned at times.
66. a. I think having common sense is better than book sense.

b. Having a college degree will take you further in life.
67. a. I prefer to take a supportive role and let others get the credit or blame.

b. I try to be the hardest working person at work.
68. a. Giving someone discipline is sometimes necessary.

b. I am an adult and should not receive discipline.
69. a. I have a high tolerance for rude behavior.

b. I have a short temper with people who are disrespectful.
70. a. I am good at reading other people.

b. People should not expect you to read their mind.
71. a. I plan to move up to supervision within a couple of years.

b. It's important to be trained in every operation before being in charge.
72. a. I tend to think about what can go wrong and plan accordingly.

b. I prefer to wing it to try to get a task done more quickly.
73. a. If I am paired with a co-worker, I prefer them to be easy-going.

b. I prefer to work with high achievers.
74. a. I tend to learn from my mistakes.

b. I try not to think of my mistakes to stay positive.
75. a. I think I'm mechanically inclined because I take interest in how machines work.

b. Just give me the result, I have no interest in how the machine works.
76. a. If a crisis happens, I tend to remain clear-headed.

b. I get flustered easily if there's a crisis.
77. a. A company policy should be ignored if it's in the best interest of the company.

b. Company policy should be followed even if it's apparent it will lead to a bad result.
78. a. I'm not intimidated by problems that involve math.

b. If a problem involves math, I'm at a loss.
79. a. It's best to be cooperative and not ask questions.

b. Asking questions is the only way to ensure that you have the correct information.
80. a. When I hear someone gossiping, I can't help but listen to what they are saying.

b. If I hear someone gossiping, I walk away.
81. a. If someone asks me a question, I try to answer it even if I'm a little unsure about the answer.

b. If I don't know an answer to a question, I tell the person that I do not know.
82. a. I show my emotions when something bothers me.

b. I try to keep my emotions under control.
83. a. When I see an employee that I do not know, I usually go up to them and introduce myself.

b. I usually wait for people to introduce themselves to me.
84. a. If I am bored with what I am working on, I have trouble maintaining focus.

b. I have a knack for staying focused when I need to.
85. a. If I don't have a tool I need, I'll look around for a substitute that I can use.

b. I tend to think in conventional ways, not outside the box.
86. a. I have the ability to critique and improve my own work.

b. I like to have others review my work.
87. a. I'm good at identifying a team's strengths and weaknesses.

b. I don't like to judge others.
88. a. Ethnic and cultural diversity is healthy for an organization.

b. I prefer to work with people like myself.
89. a. I tend to define success by the results.

b. More important than the outcome is that I did my best.
90. a. I like to have the most up-to-date technology.

b. I like to use something until its broken before upgrading my technology.
91. a. I like my work to have meaning, like as a way to serve others.

b. My employment is mostly about earning a living.
92. a. Multi-tasking is a way to get more done.

b. I like to focus on one task at a time.
93. a. I'm good at reading between the lines.

b. I prefer not to make assumptions about people or situations.
94. a. I do my best work when I'm under pressure.

b. Strict deadlines at work negatively affect my work.
95. a. I like to be physically active during the day.

b. If I had a choice, I'd choose a desk job over a job involving manual labor.
96. a. I am a bit daring in action.

b. I am rather cautious in my actions.
97. a. I like people who are attentive over people who are happy-go-lucky.

b. I like people who are happy-go-lucky.
98. a. I am able to manage any obstacle that life throws at me.

b. There are some challenges in life that cannot be overcome.
99. a. I like the activity of a fast-paced work environment.

b. A relaxed work environment is more my speed.
100. a. I know where I want to be in my career in five years.

b. I prefer to keep my career options open.