Solar Contractors License Exam Practice Test

Get your Solar Contractors License! Practice with our Solar Contractors License Practice Test.

1. Which type of air ducts are the most efficient?
2. In an air-conditioning circuit what is the black wire?
3. If the ducts are in concrete, what is the proper type of furnace?
4. A 60,000 BTU cooling unit has how many tons of cooling capacity?
5. How much does 1 gallon of water weigh?
6. How many watts equal 1 horsepower?
7. Which of the following is the best insulation?
8. On an A/C system, the return should be _____________.
9. Where are cap and bottom flashing used?
10. What type of fitting would you use to join two pipes of different sizes?
11. What is the proper way to connect to galvanized iron pipe to copper?
12. What is the resistance of the circuit with 110 volts and 22 amps?
13. What is the hardest type of copper?
14. When mounting solar collectors on the ground you should _________________.
15. Solar systems typically use what type of thermostat?
16. What should be the primary concern in designing a solar unit?
17. Efficient collectors will typically heat how many gallons, per square foot, per day?
18. What device is recommended on the outlet side of a collector to handle expansion and boiling?
19. For a siphon to be effective, it should be a minimum of _____ inches from the drain to the siphon.
20. In a collector, the surface that retains the solar radiation and converts it to heat energy is called the ______________.

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Contractor Licensing Exams are used to certify tradesman in the field of building. This certification is administered by the state's licensing board. The certification can typically be purchased as a bond for one year, or a license for two. To learn more about the Building Contractor's Licensing Exams, see our Guide to Building Contractor Exams