North Dakota Nursing Assistant / Nurse Aide Guide

CNA - Certified Nursing Assistant - Aide Practice Exam

Is a License or Certification needed: To get certified and work as a nursing assistant or nurse aide in North Dakota, you need to complete a nursing assistant program and pass the North Dakota Nurse Aide Competency Exam.

Who Grants Certification: The North Dakota Department of Health and Human Services grants certification to North Dakota nursing assistants and nurse aides. 

The Qualifications to become Certified: In order to qualify to receive a nurse assistant license in North Dakota, you must meet certain requirements. See this for more information.

How to Apply for Certification and to take the Exam: Apply here to take the exam.

Test Content: The nursing assistant exam has two parts, a written section and a skills evaluation. Both parts must be passed to be listed on the Nurse Aide Registry. The written section is 72 questions in length. You will have 90 minutes to complete the exam. The written exam covers the following topics:

  • Basic Nursing Skills
  • Care Impaired
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Data Collection
  • Disease Process
  • Growth & Development Across the Ages
  • Infection Control
  • Mental Health
  • Personal Care
  • Resident Rights
  • Role and Responsibility
  • Safety

You can find all details for the written exam here.

The Skills Evaluation will be a 40 minute time period given to complete four selected nurse aide skills. The first skill with be either the Bedpan/Measuring Output Skill or the Perineal Care Skill. You must actually wash your hands during this first skill. For the last 3 skills, you may use hand sanitizer instead of washing with soap and water.

Certification Renewal and Continuing Education Requirements: If your license has lapsed after its 2 year run, you will need to reactivate it by successfully completing a written and clinical skills test. See here to renew.


ND Nurse Assistant Registry
ND Department of Health
Division of Health Facilities
600 East Boulevard Avenue, Department 301
Bismarck, ND 58505-0200
Phone: 701-328-2353
Fax: 701-328-1890


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