Utah Tests

Welcome to the Utah tests page, with resources on tests and testing services in Utah in such areas as academic tests, professional licensing exams and driving tests.

Academic Tests

Readiness Improvement Success Empowerment (RISE) - This computer-adaptive assessment is given to students in grades 3-8 in English language arts and math, in grades 4-8 in science, and in grades 5 and 8 in writing. 

Utah Aspire Plus - This assessment is used as an end-of-course exam for 9th and 10th grade students in reading, English, science and math. 

Utah GED Program - The GED program in Utah is open to every adult without a high school diploma. It allows test takers to receive an equivalent diploma by passing tests in reading, writing, science, social studies and mathematics.  Applicants can retake a subtest they fail for a small fee.
Professional Tests

Utah Electrician Licensing Exam - Find out how to become a licensed electrician in Utah.

Utah Nursing Assistant and Nurse Aide Guide - Find information on the qualifications to work as a nursing assistant or nurse aide in Utah.

Utah Medical Assistant Certification Exam - Find information on how to become certified or registered as a medical assistant in Utah.

Utah Professional Counselor Licensing Exam - Find information on the qualifications to become a licensed professional counselor in Utah, with NCE exam details.

Utah Nurse Licensing Exam - Find information on the qualifications to become a registered nurse in Utah.

Utah Massage Therapist Exam and Licensing - Find information on how to become a licensed massage therapist in Utah.

Utah Life and Health Insurance Agent Exam - Find information on what is required to become a licensed life and health insurance sales agent in Utah.

Utah Plumbing Exams and Licensure - For information on testing and licensing requirements to become a plumber in Utah.

Utah Barber Tests and Licensing - The Utah Barber's licensing exam is a two-part test. The written exam covers scientific concepts, facial and shaving services and hair care services. It is multiple choice. Candidates must bring a mannequin and a supply kit for the practical. There is a fee to take the exam.

Utah Electrician Exam and Licensure - Electricians in the state of Utah are required to take a practical licensing exam in addition to the standard theoretical test. The practical is offered nine times a year, while the theoretical exam is computerized and can be taken at any time.  Applicants must bring their own reference materials and supplies.

Utah Contractor Test and Licensing - All contractors in Utah must take two computerized licensing exams. One is a business exam and the other is trade-specific. Each exam has a testing fee. A passing score is 70 percent or greater. The business test has 60 questions and a 120-minute time limit. The second test varies by specialty.

Utah Environmental Scientist Exam and Licensing - All environmental scientists are required to pass Utah's computerized licensing exam. The test has 50 questions and a time limit of two hours. There is a testing fee, and a passing score is 75 percent or greater. Test takers must bring their own reference material for the open book examination.

Utah Outfitters Licensing Examination - Outfitters must take Utah's Outfitter Licensing Exam. It is a computerized exam and can be taken in Hurricane, North Orem, North Salt Lake City or Sunset. The 100 question test covers laws, ethics, safety, guiding tactics and public land management. Every test taker must pay a fee to take the test.

Driver's Tests

Utah Driving Tests - An applicant for a driver's license in Utah must take three tests. The first is a vision screening, the second is a written knowledge test based on the Utah Driver handbook and the third is a driving test. Utah does not have a graduated licensing system, and legal residency is not required.

Utah Commercial Driving Tests - Applicants for a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) in the state of Utah have to pass a knowledge test for each CDL class and endorsement they desire. They must also pass a skills test administered by a commercial tester. In addition, a physical exam is required.

Utah Motorcycle Tests - Utah issues motorcycle endorsements instead of a separate license. All applicants must first get a learner's permit by passing an eye exam and a 25 question written test. The riding skills test may be taken once the permit is issued. The applicant can get it waived by taking a Basic Rider Course.

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