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CHPN Practice Exam

Take this free CHPN practice test to get a sample of the types of questions on the actual Hospice and Palliative Nurse certification exam. 

The CHPN exam is a 3 hour exam covering 150 multiple choice questions. The CHPN exam focuses on five domain practice areas: Life-limiting Conditions in Adult Patients, Pain Management, Symptom Management, Patient and Family Care and Practical Issues.  

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Patient Care: Life-Limiting Conditions in Adult Patients

1. You are the nurse on-call and receive a call from a continuous care nurse who states that her patient has started to have "rattling" secretions and the patient's wife is very concerned. You know from report that this patient is imminent. What would be the most appropriate response?
2. Mary is a 73-year-old patient with a 50-year history of smoking. She is very thin with a barrel chest, dyspnea and supraclavicular retractions upon exertion. What level of oxygen may be most effective for Mary?

Patient Care: Pain Management

3. Which of the following most accurately describes "breakthrough" pain?
4. Madge is an 88 year-old with end stage colon cancer, who is imminently dying. She has been unresponsive for the past six hours, but is restless at times with furrowing of her brow. She is still swallowing her secretions, and sucks on the oral sponge when mouth care is provided. Prior to her change in status, she was receiving Oxycontin 40 mg po q12 hr ATC with Oxydose 8-12 mg po q2hrs prn for breakthrough pain. In light of Madge's change in level of consciousness, what changes should be made to her pain management regimen?

Patient Care: Symptom Management

5. Of the following, which may indicate a poor prognosis for the hospice patient with a diagnosis of end-stage cardiac disease?
6. When a hospice patient is facing increasing weakness, with increased fatigue and decreased mobility, which of the following is an important aspect of supporting the patient's care needs?

Care of Patient and Family

7. When describing how the Hospice Medicare/Medicaid benefit impacts payment for a hospital stay for a patient who has been admitted to hospice, which of the following is the most accurate statement?
8. After a patient's death, which member of the IDT typically coordinates bereavement support transitioning for the patient's family?
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Education and Advocacy

9. Eric is a 69-year-old with end-stage esophageal cancer who has just returned home from the hospital after having a PEG tube placed. His wife, Margaret, will be caring for him, and states that she learned how to give him his tube feedings in the hospital. What is the most effective manner of assessing Margaret's ability to perform this task?
10. If a patient and family are struggling financially, which member of the IDT may be most helpful in identifying available community resources for support?

Interdisciplinary / Collaborative Practice

11. According to Medicare guidelines, how often does a registered nurse need to make a visit to the patient's home for the purpose of supervising a hospice aide?
12. What would be the best option for involving the patient and family in the IDT discussion in the hospice residential setting, if they would like to participate?

Professional Issues

13. What is the best practice regarding use of the electronic health record in patient care?
14. You have recently started caring for a new patient who is a member of your church, and the patient permitted news of her hospice admission to be added to the weekly church announcements. At Bible study, a mutual friend asks how she is doing. What is the most appropriate response?

CHPN Practice Test

The CHPN exam gives registered nurses a credential which demonstrates that they are specially qualified to work with patients with life limiting illness and their families.  The exam consists of 150 questions and a candidate is given 3 hours to complete the exam.  To learn more about the exam, read our CHPN Test Guide.

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