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The Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (ITBS) are for students in kindergarten - 8th grade.  ITBS tests are in levels 5-14.  Levels 5-8 are for students from kindergarten - second grade (K-2). Sections for levels 5-8 include: Mathematics, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Word Analysis, Listening, Language,  Social Studies (Levels 7 and 8 only), Science (Levels 7 & 8 only), and Sources of Information.
Levels 9-14 are for students from 3rd grade through 12th grade. Sections for levels 9-14 include: Math Concepts and Estimation, Math Problem Solving and Data Interpretation, Math Computation, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Punctuation, Spelling, Capitalization, Usage and Expression,  Social Studies, Maps and Diagrams, Reference Materials, Word Analysis (Level 9 only), and Listening (Level 9 only).  
This Free ITBS Practice Test was written by the PreK - 8th grade testing experts at TestingMom.com with access to 100,000 Practice Questions including the ITBS. Get Free Practice Questions to get started.  For more information on the ITBS Test, visit the comprehensive ITBS knowledge base available at TestingMom.com.

Instant Scoring in this practice test is broken down by grade level so you have a choice of doing all the questions or just the grade level that is applicable to your child.

K and Pre K Grade Level

1. Look at the cake Beverly baked for Sam in the first box. Point to the picture that shows what the cake looked like after Beverly cut out the first slice.
2. There were 2 peacocks at the zoo. You can see them in the first box. The peacocks were so popular that the zoo got 2 more peacocks. Point to the picture that shows how many peacocks are now at the zoo.
3. How many cups are there?

1st and 2nd Grade Level

4. How many triangles are shown?
5. Mark the picture that shows where a family in New York City is most likely to live.
6. Which picture shows a resort where people might go on vacation?

3rd and 4th Grade Level

7. 132 ÷ 12 = ?
8. Which is 3 x (4 + 2) rewritten?

5th and 6th Grade Level

9. 4,567 + 5,872
10. What number is B in the equation B x 8 = 56?

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ITBS Practice Test

The Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) evaluates a student's educational progress. The test includes sections on vocabulary, word analysis, reading, listening, language, math, social studies and science for students in grades K-2, and vocabulary, reading, spelling, grammar, word usage, math, social studies, science, maps, reference and word recognition for students in grades 3-8. Learn more about the ITBS with our ITBS Guide and our interview with Tim Sitar, ITBS expert.

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