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Intelligence Practice Test

Try these free Intelligence practice questions and answers with instant scoring.   
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This Free Practice Test was written by the PreK - 8th grade testing experts at TestingMom.com with access to 100,000 Practice Questions including Intelligence Tests. Get Free Practice Questions to get started.

Instant Scoring in this practice test is broken down by grade level so you have a choice of doing all the questions or just the grade level that is applicable to your child.

K and Pre K Grade Level

1. A hill is little; a mountain is ___?
2. 5 is a number and A is a ___?
3. A bed is soft; a table is ___?
4. Look at this picture. An important part of it is missing. What's missing?
5. Which person is going to a birthday party?

1st and 2nd Grade Level

6. You eat with your mouth, you hear with your ___?
7. Bananas are fruit; green beans are ___?
8. Movies are for watching, books are for ___?
9. Winter is cold; summer is ___?
10. What is green and used to pay for things; it can be made of paper or metal?

3rd and 4th Grade Level

11. What happens to water that freezes?
12. Can you name three vegetables that are green?
13. Can you name something you must turn on to use?
14. How is sand different from dirt?
15. Which invention is older, the wheel or the computer?

5th and 6th Grade Level

16. Child is to children as deer is to ___?
17. Doctor is to stethoscope as jeweler is to ___?
18. Chef is to kitchen as lawyer is to ___?
19. Prominent is to obscure as original is to ___?
20. Joni, Jack and Tim sell wrapping paper to raise money for their school. Joni sold 20 rolls. Jack sold 30 rolls. Tim sold less than 6 more than Joni and 4 less than Jack. How many rolls did Tim sell?