KRT ® Practice Test

Try these free Kindergarten Readiness Test (KRT) practice questions and answers with instant scoring.   
Practice Test Suggestions
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1. Which one on the bottom is a bird like the ones on top?
2. Which one on the bottom is a bug like the ones on top?
3. Look at the cake Beverly baked for Sam in the first box. Point to the picture that shows what the cake looked like after Beverly cut out the first slice.
4. There were 2 peacocks at the zoo. You can see them in the first box. The peacocks were so popular that the zoo got 2 more peacocks. Point to the picture that shows how many peacocks are now at the zoo.
5. How many cups are there?
6. How many birds are shown below?
7. Choose the row with the most eggs.
8. How many triangles are shown?
9. Mark the picture that shows where a family in New York City is most likely to live.
10. Which picture shows a resort where people might go on vacation?
11. John wants to make his banana ripen faster. What should he put it in so it will ripen more quickly?
12. Which of these is not a vegetable?
13. Larissa was choosing beads for a necklace. She put them in a pattern like this. Which is next in the pattern?
14. Point to the letters that have different sizes.
15. Point to the picture that shows this: There is a number inside of a circle.
16. Which one on the bottom is red like the ones on top?
17. Which one on the bottom is a ball like the ones on top?

KRT Practice Test

Some students will be asked to take a preschool or kindergarten readiness test to demonstrate that they are ready to start school. These tests may evaluate skills such as color or letter recognition. To learn more about readiness tests, read The Guide to Preschool and Kindergarten Readiness Tests and our interview with kindergarten test expert Robin MacFarlane, PhD.