2024 Edition

Personal Trainer Practice Tests

Take this free personal trainer practice test to see what type of questions are on the ACE and NSCA-CPT personal trainer exams.

ACE Personal Trainer Exam

1. When checking a client's heart rate, what is a commonly palpated site?
2. What are the correct units of measurement for calculating body mass index (BMI)?
3. You decide to run some assessments to test a client's mobility. Which of the following tests would be most appropriate?
4. Jenna has not participated in an exercise program for 2 years. She wants to get back into a resistance training routine to gain strength and reduce her body fat percentage. How many times should you suggest she perform resistance training per week?
5. Which of the following mind-body exercise programs is based on the idea that there is a core set of postural muscles that help to keep the body balanced and are essential to providing good support to the spine? This method is divided into two modalities, floor/mat work and work on a reformer.


6. When an anterior pelvic tilt is determined, which muscles are suspected to be tight?
7. Which of the following is an example of a summative evaluation?
8. Which of the following are utilized for anaerobic energy production?
9. Which of the following exercise sets represent a correct recommendation for an individual with anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, following the guideline of "contraindicated, indicated"?
10. What represents proper form for an abdominal crunch on a stability ball?