2024 Edition

Computer Tech Skills Practice Test

Take this free practice test to see how prepared you are for a computer tech skills certification exam.

1. How many peripheral devices can a master Bluetooth device communicate with in a piconet?
2. The IDE interface is usually installed on the motherboard in which of the following?
3. The North Bridge controls the processor, memory, PCI Bus, Level 2 cache and all AGP activities.
4. If a new hard drive is installed in an old computer and the system does not register the total capacity of the hard drive, what is the most likely cause?
5. Software obtained without informed consent is generally known as __________________.
6. The clock speed of the AGPx8 expansion slot is 266MHz.
7. Most computers today use an enhanced version of IDE called ___________.
8. DDR SDRAM, with a certain clock frequency, achieves nearly _______________ the bandwith of a single date rate SDRAM running at the same clock frequency.
9. Which of the following wireless devices should be used to connect a printer, keyboard and mouse to a laptop?
10. The primary connection method for an internal laptop hard drive.
11. What anti-virus software updates are called.
12. SATA drives use a ___________________.
13. If a new IDE hard drive is not recognized, first check the __________________.
14. IDE drives use a __________________.
15. BIOS is a program that is made accessible to the microprocessor on an ___________________.
16. What should be done if a second hard disk drive is not being recognized by a computer system after finding that all the cable connections are in place?
17. A laptop should be used on a soft surface to prevent overheating.
18. Bluetooth technology can transmit up to what distance?
19. What is the most common video RAM technology on laptop video cards?
20. If USB ports are not working with any USB devices, which should you do first?
21. A __________________ can cause a computer to reboot.
22. The best way to secure a network from crackers is ____________________________.
23. The output from a power supply is rated as ____________________.
24. The amount of time that RAM takes to write data or to read it once a request has been received from the processor is called ____________________.
25. A CD-ROM has data encoded in a spiral track __________________.
26. Which type of PC Card slot can take all PC Card types?
27. The principle by which data is read from a CD-ROM.
28. Most computers today use either a DDR or DDR2 type of memory for their main system memory.
29. If a computer with Windows XP will not boot up property after upgrading a video driver you should first ________________?
30. What most likely explains a keyboard not working properly, after upgrading the memory, where the touchpad is working?