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Dental Assistant Practice Exam

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Dental assisting certification is for those who have met their state dental assisting educational requirements and passed an exam. This certification is required by 29 states and recognized by 38 states including the District of Columbia. The actual exam consists of three sections - General Chairside Assistance, Infection Control and Dental Radiography - with a total of 320 multiple-choice questions. Total exam time is limited to four hours.

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General Chairside Assistance

1. A permanent dentition consists of how many teeth?
2. Which teeth are sometimes called the "eye" teeth?
3. Which proximal surface of a tooth is closest toward the midline of the body?
4. A permanent dentition consists of how many premolars?
5. When a mouth is divided into fourths, the parts are referred to as:
6. What is the vertical movement of a tooth into its functional position in the mouth called?
7. The labial surface is the facial tooth surface closest to which area?
8. The temporomandibular joint causes movement in which dental arch?
9. Using the Universal System of tooth designation, what tooth is #12?
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10. Using the International Standards Organization system of tooth recording, which tooth is #25?
11. Dental assistants are not permitted to use which dental tool?
12. If you enter an operatory and see sodium hypochlorite, files, a rubber dam, and gutta percha sitting on a tray, which procedure will you most likely be assisting on?
13. Which type of restoration would not require the use of a matrix band or celluloid matrix strip?
14. Why are intermediate restorations sometimes used in dentistry?
15. Which tooth whitening option provides the fastest results?
16. The T-Band matrix system is designed to be used on which teeth?
17. During periodontal probing, which sulcus measurement is considered normal?

Infection Control

18. Which of the following is NOT a mode of disease transmission?
19. Which Hepatitis virus should healthcare personnel be immunized against?
20. Which of the following diseases can be spread through contaminated water supplies?
21. A patient experiences an infection where symptoms appear quickly and are severe. What type of infection is this?
22. A patient presents with symptoms of an oral yeast infection. All of the following can cause this infection, except:
23. What is a microorganism called that is capable of causing diseases?
24. Which disease is an example of one caused by a spore?
25. Sending contaminated impressions to a dental lab and wearing contaminated clothing outside of the dental office can cause which type of disease transmission?
26. The assumption that all blood and body fluids are to be treated as if known to be infected is called?
27. Dental Assistants fall under which occupational exposure category?
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28. Where must needles, scalpel blades and orthodontic wires be disposed?
29. Masks, eyewear with front and side protection, face shields and gloves are examples of what?
30. Which type of gloves should be worn during an implant placement procedure?
31. Scrap amalgam falls under which classification of waste?
32. Paper towels falls under which classification of waste?
33. The portal of entry for air-borne pathogens does NOT include which area?
34. Which type of infection presents symptoms that come and go?

Dental Radiography

35. What type of film allows the entire dentition to be viewed on a single film?
36. Which of the following is not a main component of a panoramic x-ray unit?
37. What type of device does digital radiography use to record images taken of the patient's teeth?
38. Which of the following inflicts the most radiation on a patient?
39. What step helps prevent a large radiolucent area near the palate as seen on panoramic x-rays?
40. Why does digital radiography require less radiation than traditional x-rays?
41. Refer to the radiograph to answer the next three quesitons.

This is an example of what type of dental radiograph?


42. How many root canal treated teeth are present on the mandibular arch?
43. This patient has a bridge on the lower left quadrant. How many pontics does this bridge contain?
44. Digital x-ray sensors:
45. Which type of dental radiograph shows 3D images?
46. What size film or sensor is recommended for pediatric patients with primary dentition?
47. Which instrument was designed for taking radiographs of teeth with endodontic instruments inside of them?
48. Which type of radiation initially comes from the x-ray tube?
49. A lead apron with a thyroid collar will protect a patient from what type of radiation?
50. Why should fingers not be used to hold x-ray film or sensors while taking radiographs?

CDA Practice Exam

The Dental Assisting National Board exam is required of dental assistants in some states for licensure. The exam is a multiple choice exam offered via computer and is available year round. To learn more about the Certified Dental Assistant exam, read The Guide to Dental Assistants Exams and our Interview with Zoe Najim.