2024 Edition

Practice Test for the DANB Dental Assistant Exam Sample


General Chairside Assistance

1. A permanent dentition consists of how many teeth?
2. Which teeth are sometimes called the "eye" teeth?
3. Which proximal surface of a tooth is closest toward the midline of the body?
4. A permanent dentition consists of how many premolars?
5. When a mouth is divided into fourths, the parts are referred to as:
6. Using the Universal System of tooth designation, what tooth is #12?
7. Using the International Standards Organization system of tooth recording, which tooth is #25?

Infection Control

8. Which of the following is NOT a mode of disease transmission?
9. Which Hepatitis virus should healthcare personnel be immunized against?
10. Which of the following diseases can be spread through contaminated water supplies?
11. A patient experiences an infection where symptoms appear quickly and are severe. What type of infection is this?
12. A patient presents with symptoms of an oral yeast infection. What condition could have caused this infection?
13. What is a microorganism called that is capable of causing diseases?
14. Which disease is an example of one caused by a spore?

Dental Radiography

15. What type of film allows the entire dentition to be viewed on a single film?
16. Which of the following is not a main component of a panoramic x-ray unit?
17. What type of device does digital radiography use to record images taken of the patient's teeth?
18. Which of the following inflicts the most radiation on a patient?
19. What step helps prevent a large radiolucent area near the palate as seen on panoramic x-rays?
20. Why does digital radiography require less radiation than traditional x-rays?
21. Digital x-ray sensors:

CDA Practice Exam

Quality starts with who wrote the material.
Our practice exam writer
Tiffany Neal, CDA (DANB), EFDA
, has been a practicing dental assistant for close to 20 years. She has taught dental assisting at Everest College in Colorado.

Sharon Boyd, RDH
, is a registered dental hygienist and dental educator. As a professional dental writer, she has worked for several continuing education programs and is the head continuing education curriculum writer for an American Dental Association CERP provider.

Abby Altergott, RDH
, is a registered dental hygienist who has worked in the specialties of oral surgery, periodontics and orthodontics for eight years. She worked as a dental assistant for three years.

Our practice exam follows the CDA blueprint component exam areas: GC, RHS & ICE:

1. General Chairside Assisting (GC)

GC Exam Blueprint:

  • Evaluation
  • Patient Managemnt and Administration
  • Chairside Dentistry
  • Dental Materials

GC Exam Summary:

  • 95 multiple-choice questions
  • 75 minutes testing time

2. Radiation Health and Safety (RHS)

RHS Exam Blueprint:

  • Purpose and Technique
  • Radiation Safety
  • Infection Control

RHS Exam Summary:

  • 80 multiple-choice questions
  • 1 hour testing time

3. Infection Control (ICE)

ICE Exam Blueprint:

  • Prevent of Disease Transmission
  • Prevention of Cross-contamination
  • Process of Instruments and Devices
  • Occupational Safety and Admin Protocols 

ICE Exam Summary:

  • 80 multiple-choice questions
  • 1 hour testing time