2020 Edition

Practice Test for the DANB Dental Assistant Exam Sample


General Chairside Assistance

1. A permanent dentition consists of how many teeth?
2. Which teeth are sometimes called the "eye" teeth?
3. Which proximal surface of a tooth is closest toward the midline of the body?
4. A permanent dentition consists of how many premolars?
5. When a mouth is divided into fourths, the parts are referred to as:
6. Using the Universal System of tooth designation, what tooth is #12?
7. Using the International Standards Organization system of tooth recording, which tooth is #25?

Infection Control

8. Which of the following is NOT a mode of disease transmission?
9. Which Hepatitis virus should healthcare personnel be immunized against?
10. Which of the following diseases can be spread through contaminated water supplies?
11. A patient experiences an infection where symptoms appear quickly and are severe. What type of infection is this?
12. A patient presents with symptoms of an oral yeast infection. What condition could have caused this infection?
13. What is a microorganism called that is capable of causing diseases?
14. Which disease is an example of one caused by a spore?

Dental Radiography

15. What type of film allows the entire dentition to be viewed on a single film?
16. Which of the following is not a main component of a panoramic x-ray unit?
17. What type of device does digital radiography use to record images taken of the patient's teeth?
18. Which of the following inflicts the most radiation on a patient?
19. What step helps prevent a large radiolucent area near the palate as seen on panoramic x-rays?
20. Why does digital radiography require less radiation than traditional x-rays?
21. Digital x-ray sensors:

CDA Practice Exam

The Dental Assisting National Board exam is required of dental assistants in some states for licensure. The exam is a multiple choice exam offered via computer and is available year round. To learn more about the Certified Dental Assistant exam, read The Guide to Dental Assistants Exams and our Interview with Zoe Najim.