2024 Edition

Dental Assistant / Hygienist Practice Test

Take this free practice test to see what type of questions are on dental assistant and dental hygienist certification tests.

Dental Assistant Exam

1. Two red vertical lines drawn between the upper central incisors on a patient chart would indicate:
2. What is added to an anesthetic agent to lengthen the effect by decreasing blood flow?
3. Which of the following are the most frequently injured primary teeth?
4. In which of the following situations should utility gloves be worn?
5. What is the recommended size of x-ray beams, which are targeted toward the patient's face for dental radiographs?

Dental Hygienist Exam

6. Decalcification and demineralization of tooth enamel begins at what pH?
7. Wedge-shaped lesions along the cervical margin of the teeth are referred to as _________.
8. Which type of pocket is generated by an apical migration of the junctional epithelium?
9. What type of cement is widely used in dentistry for bonding, temporary fillings and temporary cement?
10. What is the ideal angle of instrumentation for calculus removal?