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Florida Real Estate Practice Exam

Take this free Florida Real Estate Practice Exam to get an idea of the topics on the exam administered by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. The actual exam has 100 questions and 3 1/2 hours is given to complete it.  For complete practice, check out our Complete 100 Question Florida Real Estate Sales Associate Practice Exam with the same number of questions as the actual exam plus 300 bonus core real estate questions. 

Florida Real Estate Property Characteristics and Deed

1. A statutory deed in which the grantor makes no warranties to the grantee about the quality or extent of the title being conveyed is:
2. Although real estate investment offers many advantages to an investor, it has some negative aspects as well. Which of the following is not a characteristic advantage of real estate investment?
3. When a developer plans for a large project in Florida, studies need to be performed regarding the project's impact in the community before the city approves it. These studies are summarized in a:
4. Mark bought a house in an old neighborhood and remodeled it with high-end materials. He even hired a home decorator to give the last touches to it. The house looked beautiful, and Mark was pleased with it. However, a year later his employer offered him a better job in a distant location, and Mark decided to sell the house before relocating. After all, he would make good money on the sale because all the improvements he did to the house, and he will be able to buy in his new location instead of renting. Mark hired realtor Trevor who came by the house and prepared a Comparative Market Analysis for Mark. The results of the report were very disappointing for him because the house has not acquired enough equity to make the profit he imagined. This is an example of:
5. How many acres are there in the N 1/4 of the NE ½ of the SW ¼ and the SE ½ of the NW ¼?
6. All of the following are protections granted by the Florida Constitution to homestead property except:

Florida Real Estate Contracts and Leases

7. The four essential elements of a valid contract are:
8. Peter rents an office in a class A building in FL. He pays a monthly amount of $2,500 on an annual lease. The monthly payment includes the use of internet, electricity and cleaning. Peter has a:
9. A building of 1200 units has currently 348 units for rent. Calculate the building vacancy rate.

Florida Real Estate Mortgages and Liens

10. In Florida, the priority of mortgage liens is determined by:
11. The Right to Reinstate clause provides for the mortgagor's right to:
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12. The two instruments created with a mortgage loan are:

Florida Real Estate Sales Associate Practice and Ethics

13. Joshua's father is a real estate investor in Florida. He purchases vacant lots and constructs single-family homes. He has three houses finished that he needs to sell. In the summer, Joshua, who just graduated from high school, was looking for something to do that could bring him some income to save for a car he wanted to buy. The father asked Joshua to help him sell the houses and promised that he would pay him $1,000 for each house sold. Joshua accepted and spent the whole summer doing open houses and trying to find qualified buyers for the houses but without success. At the end of the summer, the houses were still on the market. Under the provisions of Florida Statute 475 this:
14. A licensee did not disclose that one of his listings had a code violation. As a result, the buyer was affected. This situation is considered:
15. Joan is representing Richard in the sale of his home as a single agent in FL. William, another sales associate in her office, has a buyer who shows interest in visiting the property because it fits his buying criteria. Before Joan can show the property to William and his buyer, which steps does she needs to follow?
16. Linda Mae is hired by a landlord to rent his property in Florida. She lists the property and advertises it in social media. Immediately she receives a call from a prospective tenant. They are a family of four, from Argentina and want to establish their new residence in the area. Linda Mae makes an appointment and shows the property to the family the next day in the morning. They fall in love with the property and offer to provide their deposit and all their documentation that same day to secure the rent. Linda Mae calls her landlord to give him the good news. The landlord asks about the tenants, and when he finds out that they are Hispanic, he refuses to accept them. As much as Linda Mae tries to persuade him, he refuses to accept those tenants. What should Linda Mae do now?
17. A homestead property is located outside the city limits in Pasco County, FL. The assessment value of the property is $190,000.00. The city tax rate is 7.8 mills, the county tax rate is 9.8 mills, and the school board's rate is 5.7 mills. The owner is an army veteran with 10% disability as a result of his service in Iraq. He is also a widower and has qualified and received homestead tax exemption. How much does the owner have to pay for property taxes?
18. Discount points are a loan fee charged by the lender to:
19. Marlon is a listing agent that just took a listing that calls for a graduated sales commission structure. The commission is 4% for the first $400,000 of the sale price. 5.5% on the next $100,000 and 7% of the amount over $500,000. What is the total commission if the property sells for $575,000?
20. Real estate licensees provide specialized services to others for compensation. They market their expert information and knowledge in three meaningful areas:
21. Falsifying a license application is a:
22. As part of the license application, the candidates must provide their social security number. This is a requirement of the Florida law to:
23. Stephanie is the broker of record for Happy Realty. She just received notice from one of her agents that there are conflicting demands in a failed sale. Chapter 475, F.S., provides a dispute resolution when there are conflicting demands. What is the period Stephanie has to notify the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC) of the situation?
24. Henry is a successful real estate agent who does not have enough time to handle his client base. He just thought of a solution that would help him improve his service, hire a personal assistant. The assistant will take over some time-consuming tasks. However, he needs to be careful because if he hires an unlicensed assistant this person could only perform those activities approved by FREC. What would the unlicensed personal assistant be allowed to do?
25. The powers and duties of the FREC include three important areas, the executive powers, the quasi-legislative and the quasi-judicial powers. What is NOT a responsibility of the quasi-judicial powers of the FREC?

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