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Georgia Real Estate Practice Exam

Take this free practice test to get an idea of what is on the Georgia Real Estate Salesperson exam administered by the Georgia Real Estate Commission. The actual exam consists of a 100 question National Exam and a 52 question Georgia Salesperson Supplemental Exam. Up to five pretest questions are also included. Four hours is given to complete both parts of the exam. 

To prepare for the actual exam, check out our 157 Question Georgia Real Estate Salesperson Practice Exam with the same number of questions as the actual exam plus 350 bonus core real estate questions.

Georgia Listing and Agency

1. Sales Associate Susan is working with a customer buyer. Susan and her buyer discussed agency representation at the first meaningful contact, however, the buyer decided not to commit to Susan yet, and opted to work with Susan as a customer. According to Georgia's Brokerage Relationships in Real Estate Transactions Act (BRRETA), Susan and her customer will need to sign a buyer agency agreement when:
2. Seller Roy has sold plenty of homes in the past. His last experience with an agent was unsatisfactory so he decides to market his home on his own. He places advertisements with all the brokers in town and offers a commission to any broker that brings him a buyer. This is an example of:

Georgia Sales Contracts

3. Liam and Joseph enter into a contract for the purchase of Liam's home. As the Seller, Liam agrees to repair the roof before closing. As the Buyer, Joseph agrees to get full approval from the lender within a two-week period. The closing date is set for the following month. This agreement is:
4. Marie wants to gift her family home to her grandson. The deed states that the property is given "for love and affection". What is this referred to as?
5. A seller receives an offer for their home for $300,000. The seller counteroffers with a price of $310,000. If the counteroffer is accepted, the parties have ______ to the terms of the sale.
6. In Georgia, real estate contracts must have all of the following elements to be deemed a valid contract, except:
7. For a real estate contract to be enforceable in a court of law in Georgia, it must:
8. John received a big promotion, which came with a substantial raise. John is looking ahead and would like to add an extra $350 to his monthly mortgage payment, to pay off his home loan sooner. What clause should John review, in his loan agreement, before going forward?

Georgia Finance

9. Which of the following of the secondary markets is a wholly owned government corporation, and not a Government Sponsored Enterprise?
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10. What does it mean when a borrower hypothecates his or her property as a condition of a loan?
11. What is the current loan balance of a fixed rate mortgage with a 5.5% interest rate, when $935 of the next payment is applied to interest?

Required Licensure in Georgia

12. Under the Brokerage Relationships in Real Estate Transactions Act (BRRETA), the only licensee that is authorized to legally bind themselves in real estate contracts where a promise to pay a fee is involved is the:

Georgia Property Management

13. In a high-end lease of a penthouse apartment, a prospective tenant requests the property manager to revise a standard Georgia lease by adding an addendum with provisions to accommodate her specific needs. How should the property manager proceed?

Community Association Management in Georgia

14. Susan owns a unit where she lives in a 15-unit building. She has been very active cleaning-up of the common areas, hiring a quality landscape company for the exterior grounds and putting together an annual budget to maintain these areas throughout the year. Although Susan is not a licensed Community Association Manager (CAM), are her actions permitted by Georgia law?

Georgia Closing Procedures

15. Is it a legal requirement to have witnesses present at the signing of a deed, other than a notary in some cases, during a real estate closing when transferring ownership in real property in Georgia?

Unfair Real Estate Practices

16. You are Georgia licenses real estate salesperson and you find a new listing that fits your need for a property to add to your rental portfolio. Your plans are to buy and hold the property and possibly place a tenant to occupy it. You draft the offer and submit to the listing agent, but the offer price is way below list price. You offer a quick close and state in the offer that you hold a real estate license and provide your license number. Can the listing agent present your offer to the Seller even though you hold a real estate license?
17. When a licensee is involved in a real estate transaction, they must:

Georgia Fair Housing

18. The city of Buckhead has seen a huge increase in crime. The city has compiled crime statistics and the demographics committing these crimes are apparent. Your neighborhood association asks you, as the "real estate professional," to speak to the subdivision about the crime statistics and demographics. You should:

Unfair Real Estate Practices

19. In Georgia, if a licensee violates any real estate license law, the broker must:

Georgia Licensee Qualifications

20. Sarah just turned 18 and she wants to follow in her mother's footsteps and become a real estate agent in Georgia. To fulfill her dream, she must do all of the following except:

Georgia Real Estate Commission

21. The Commissioner holds an important role within the organization of GREC. Their duties include all the following except:

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