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Illinois Real Estate Practice Exam

Take this free practice test to get an idea of what is on the Illinois Real Estate Broker exam administered by the illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. The actual exam consists of two tests, a national exam of 100 questions and a state exam with 40 questions. 

To prepare for the actual exam, check out our 145 Question Illinois Real Estate Broker Practice Exam with the same number of questions as the actual exam plus 350 bonus core real estate questions.

Section 1 - Illinois Licensing

1. Joe is interested in selling real estate. He owns several properties himself and wants to help his friends with listing and selling their properties. Which of the following would apply to him?
2. Tony recently turned 20 years old and has been a real estate broker for the past two years. Tony is interested in starting his own brokerage and becoming the designated managing broker. Does Tony qualify to become a managing broker?
3. Cathy had just completed six years of working with a PB Real Estate and is now ready to go work at her best friend's brokerage which opened up in her neighborhood. Cathy made sure to meet with her future designated managing broker and had an exit interview with PB Real Estate.  What step must she take next to continue working as a broker?
4. What is the purpose of licensing real estate brokers?
5. Real estate agent Charles wants to list cooperatives (co-ops) but he only has a real estate broker's license. Which of the following should he do?

Section 2 - Practice of Real Estate Sales in Illinois

6. Listing Broker Laura is hosting an Open House for a seller. Beth comes into the Open House and explains to Laura that she already has an agent and simply wants to take a look at the house. What should Laura do?
7. Buyer Broker Ben routinely reaches out to the sellers of all of the properties he shows directly, even if the sellers have an exclusive right to sell listing agreement with their own listing broker. Is this acceptable conduct?
8. If an unlicensed person engages in the sale of real estate for others and receives compensation, what is the potential penalty they face?
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9. The Illinois homestead exemption will protect a homeowner from which of the following?
10. STR Real Estate is holding the earnest money for an upcoming closing. A home inspection revealed that the property needs a new roof. What should the designated managing broker do with the earnest money?
11. Ben is the buyer's agent for his client Betty and she has just seen a property she is interested in to make an offer. When should Ben give Betty a copy of the Illinois Residential Real Property Disclosure?
12. One of your clients is about to go through a divorce and wants to know how the sale of their house may impact the divorce. What should you do?
13. In Illinois, who usually pays the real estate transfer tax in real estate sale transactions?
14. In Illinois, if a person dies without a will, and has no heirs, what happens to their real property?
15. A legal description of land is defined as which of the following?

Section 3 - Illinois Real Estate Disclosures

16. What disclosure is needed when a rental finding service provides information regarding possible rental units?
17. In Illinois, a beneficiary of a land trust must be revealed under which of the following circumstances:
18. Which of the following documents, given to the seller by the seller's sponsoring broker, discloses the agency relationship between them?
19. Louie is the listing broker for a seller. As the designated agent, Louie may offer all of the following services, except:
20. Stan the seller has just informed his listing broker that a murder suicide happened on site at the property. Stan asks his listing broker whether he must disclose the murder suicide in the Illinois Residential Real Property Disclosure. What should his agent tell him?

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Lisa Risco

Lisa is a licensed real estate broker from Pennsylvania who teaches real estate classes at the Polley Associates School of Real Estate.  She has worked with Re/Max and Century 21 in Philadelphia. Lisa received her MBA degree from Eastern University.
Our material is specific to the Pennsylvania Real Estate Salesperson Exam, covering both the National and State sections with these content areas: 
  • Legal Descriptions
  • Property Use
  • Forms of Ownership
  • Recording of Title
  • Property Appraisal
  • Contracts
  • Agency
  • Financing
  • Transfer of Property
  • Disclosures
  • Settlment
  • Real Estate Practice
  • and more..