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Michigan Real Estate Practice Exam

Take this free practice test to get an idea of what is on the Michigan Real Estate Salesperson exam administered by the Michigan State Board of Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. The actual exam has 115 questions and 3 hours is given to complete it. 

o prepare for the actual exam check out our 125 Question Michigan Real Estate Salesperson Practice Exam with the same number of questions as the actual exam plus 350 bonus core real estate questions. 

Michigan Property Ownership

1. A property owned by one individual, with no co-owners, is an example of:

Michigan Land Use and Controls

2. The regulation of land use, typically practiced at the township or municipal level and justified by the police powers of the state, is called?

Michigan Valuation and Market Analysis

3. The home valuation method where similar homes recently sold or currently on the market are used to determine a market value sales price for a subject property is:

Michigan Financing

4. A homeowner's equity in the home is calculated:
5. The function of the secondary mortgage market is to:

Michigan General Principles of Agency

6. Which is the correct list of an agent's fiduciary duties to their clients?
7. The formal agency relationship between the client and agent is created:

Michigan Property Disclosure

8. Concerning property disclosure rules, a material fact is best described as:

Michigan Contracts

9. Salesperson Ryan wrote a purchase agreement for his buyers, but he mistakenly used the wrong postal address for the property being purchased. The contract is now:
10. The process of voiding a valid contract and replacing it with another valid contract, alleviating the parties of the first contract from all contractual responsibilities is called:
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Michigan Transfer of Title

11. The title of a property is considered successfully transferred when:

Michigan Practice of Real Estate

12. Salesperson Tony is showing houses to his clients, Mark and Janice. Janice informs Tony that she doesn't want to purchase a property in a neighborhood with black residents. Tony should:
13. When showing houses to potential buyers who have not yet signed an exclusive buyer agency agreement, the licensee is:

Michigan Leasing and Property Management

14. Attempting to evict a tenant because he or she filed a complaint against the landlord is an example of a(n):

Michigan Real Estate Calculations

15. Randall purchased the NE 1/4 of Section 4 and the South 1/2 of Section 9 in Algoma Township, Michigan. How many acres did Randall purchase?

Michigan Duties and Power of the Dept. and Board

16. The Department receives a complaint against licensed salesperson Todd. The Department can immediately take any of these actions except:

Michigan Licensing Requirements

17. Licensees must complete a minimum of _____ hours of approved continuing education on laws, regulations, and court cases during any one year of a license cycle.

Michigan Statutory Rules Governing Agents

18. The Michigan Occupational Code requires real estate brokers and salespersons to present offers to sellers:

Michigan Contractual Relationships

19. Sonja is a real estate sales agent in Michigan. She is working with Tom to help him purchase vacant land. Susan has signed a buyer's service provision with Tom. Tom is Sonja's ____ and Sonja is Tom's _____ ?

Michigan Additional State Topics

20. The Michigan Right to Farm Act relates to which activities?

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Quality starts with who wrote the material.
Our practice exam writer
Lisa Risco

Lisa is a licensed real estate broker from Pennsylvania who teaches real estate classes at the Polley Associates School of Real Estate.  She has worked with Re/Max and Century 21 in Philadelphia. Lisa received her MBA degree from Eastern University.
Our material is specific to the Pennsylvania Real Estate Salesperson Exam, covering both the National and State sections with these content areas: 
  • Legal Descriptions
  • Property Use
  • Forms of Ownership
  • Recording of Title
  • Property Appraisal
  • Contracts
  • Agency
  • Financing
  • Transfer of Property
  • Disclosures
  • Settlment
  • Real Estate Practice
  • and more..