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Nursing Bundle Practice Test

Take this free nursing practice test to see what types of questions are on nursing exams.  It includes nusing assistant, TEAS VI, NCLEX-RN, CCRN, CEN and CHPN practice questions.

Nursing Assistant

1. What documentation is within the role of the CNA?
2. Which of the following is an objective observation?
3. You are caring for a group of patients in the nursing home. The highest priority, greatest need for this group of patients is the need for which of the following?
4. HIPAA rules on protecting identifiable health care information apply to information on:
5. You are giving care to a 76-year-old patient. You noticed an unusual fruity mouth odor when you are providing oral care to this patient. What should you do?


6. People are often late to there next appointment when they try to complete to many tasks in an designated amount of time.

Which answer below corrects the usage errors for the underlined text?
7. The man with the dog walking to the park hurried his pace when he saw the dark clouds of a rainstorm roll in.

What type of error exists in the sentence?
8. 8 - 3 x 4 + 9 =
9. 32 C = _____ F
10. The nucleus of an atom is composed of which of the following?


11. Nursing care plans contain which of the following?
12. A nurse is at the beginning of her shift in a long-term care facility. Which of the following clients should she check on first?
13. All of the following actions are components of a peripherally inserted IV dressing change EXCEPT:
14. A nurse is treating a client with suspected carbon monoxide poisoning. Which of the following symptoms are associated with this condition?
15. Select the age group that is coupled with an infectious disease that is most common in this age group.
16. Your 47-year-old patient is concerned about guiding the next generation. What developmental task is this 47-year-old patient addressing?
17. Your patient ate an 8-ounce cup of Italian ice. How much will you record on the patient's Intake and Output form in terms of this patient's fluid intake?


18. What type of heart block is characterized by AV dissociation?
19. Wilma is being prepped to have a percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) to attempt revascularization of her occluded coronary artery. What is the optimal door-to-balloon time for this intervention?
20. Which of the following medications affect cardiac contractility?


21. A physician wants to insert an ICP monitor. The purpose of ICP monitoring is:
22. What type of leukocyte is the primary defense against bacterial infection?
23. There are several types of isolation precautions when caring for a patient with an infectious disease. All of the following require airborne precautions EXCEPT?


24. What type of physical pain responds well to anti-depressant medications as a primary or adjuvant analgesic?
25. What is one of the primary challenges of adequate pain management in oncology care?
26. What is the most important factor in treating terminal agitation?

NCLEX-RN Practice

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