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OLSAT Sample Practice Test

Try these practice questions and answers for the OLSAT with instant scoring.  Get better prepared for the actual OLSAT. 
Practice Test Suggestions
The OLSAT is a test for children that measures abstract thinking and reasoning ability.  The test is organized into five areas (verbal comprehension, verbal reasoning, pictorial reasoning, figural reasoning, and quantitative reasoning) with an equal number of verbal and non-verbal items included in each area.
This Free OLSAT Practice Test was written by the PreK - 8th grade testing experts at TestingMom.com with access to 100,000 Practice Questions Including the OLSAT Test.  For more information on the OLSAT, visit the comprehensive OLSAT knowledge base available at TestingMom.com.

Instant Scoring in this practice test is broken down by grade level so you have a choice of doing all the questions or just the grade level that is applicable to your child. 

K and Pre K Grade Level

1. Point to the picture that shows this: Cindy has dived off the board but she has not yet hit the water.
2. Point to the letters that are different sizes.
3. Point to the picture that shows this: David and Mark got very tired after they played ball.
4. Look at the lunch at the beginning of the row. It shows Ali's lunch. She has a sandwich, a cookie, a banana and a glass of chocolate milk. She wasn't very hungry today so she ate half her sandwich, a bite of her cookie, half her banana, and she drank her chocolate milk. Mark the picture that shows what she ate?
5. Point to the picture that shows this: There is a number inside of a circle.

1st and 2nd Grade Level

6. Do you see the children in the first box? Each child needs 2 pencils for school. Point to the box that shows how many pencils the children need altogether.
7. Look at the space ship in the first box. Do you see the round windows on the red part of the space ship? If the space ship carried the same number of space babies to earth as the number of round windows you can count, point to the box that shows how many space babies the space ship carried to earth.
8. Annie looked up at the sky and could not believe what she saw! There were exactly as many hot air balloons flying as she had fingers on her hand. Point to the box that shows what she saw.
9. Mark the picture that shows someone doing something with their food that is unsanitary.
10. Look at this chocolate box. It can only fit 4 chocolates inside. Point to the box to the side that shows how many chocolates you could put in the chocolate box that would leave room for two more chocolates.

3rd and 4th Grade Level

11. Which of the pictures below doesn't belong?
12. Which one doesn't belong?
13. The opposite of happy is -
14. Select the number that belongs in the empty space: 10 15 _____ 25 30 35
15. Which one doesn't belong?

5th and 6th Grade Level

16. Which one doesn't belong?
17. The opposite of servile is -
18. Choose the word (s) that best completes this sentence: She was ____ about the cancellation of her favorite television show.
19. The pictures in the top row are related in a particular way. In the bottom row, find the one picture that belongs in the empty box.

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