2020 Edition

Real Estate Practice Tests

Take this free real estate practice test to see what type of questions are on real estate agent and real estate broker licensing exams.

Real Estate Agent Exam

1. Real estate is considered to be immobile and indestructible. Another physical characteristic of all real estate parcels is that they _____________.
2. A covenant that becomes part of the property rights and binds successive property owners is a covenant that _____________.
3. When a property owner's fence rests on the land belonging to the adjacent property owner, the fence is _____________ on the adjacent property.
4. Legally, what is the nature of agency relationships between listing brokers and sellers?
5. Which of the following is pre-determined compensation that may be due to the seller if the buyer defaults on a real estate purchase contract?

Real Estate Broker Exam

6. A real estate broker verbally agreed to split a commission with an unlicensed person.
7. The broker's duty to make sure all money matters associated with any transaction are carefully tracked is the broker's duty of _____.
8. A contract performed fully as stipulated in the contract document is _____.
9. A water company's right to run a water line through private property would most likely be _____.
10. An ALTA policy of title insurance protects the _____.