2024 Edition

Carpentry Practice Test

Take this free carpentry practice test to see how prepared you are for a carpentry licensing certification test.

1. Joist hangers are used for which of the following?
2. The smallest mark on an imperioal ruler is:
3. What type of hammer is commonly selected for trim work?
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4. What are plywood clips used for?
5. A contractor is to excavate a basement containing 58,500 cu. ft. She removes 3,950 cu. ft., then 9,325 cu. ft., then 6,581 cu. ft., and finally 4,873 cu. ft. How many cubic feet remain in the basement?
6. What is PL-400?
7. Which is not a rule for laying out stairs?
8. Calculate 1/4 inch plus 1/4 inch.
9. A wood auger bit marked 10 will drill with what diameter?
10. The path a saw blade cuts in a piece of wood is called:
11. When squaring up a large rectangular object, which method would be the least acceptable to use?
12. When nailing 2x6 inch joists, what nail should be used?
13. There are 808 four-penny nails in a pound. How many are there in 22 3/4 pounds?
14. How many pieces of lumber 1 inches wide will be needed to cover a 42-inch wide space?
15. How many 2x4 blocks 22 1/2 inches long can be cut from a 2x4 that is 8 feet long?
16. Subtract 3 15/32 inches from 9 1/16 inches.
17. What is one-half of 23 feet and 11 9/16 inches?
18. Which number is greatest?
19. Add (15 feet and 6 3/4 inches) + (5 feet and 11 5/8 inches) + (11 feet and 5 7/16 inches) + (6 feet and 9 3/16 inches)
20. A lot measures 112 feet and 5 inches x 88 feet and 3 inches x 97 feet and 6 inches x 114 feet and 2 inches. What is the distance around the lot?
21. What is the perimeter of a square with sides 9 feet and 6 inches long?
22. Which is greater in inches: 9/16, 5/8, 3/16, 3/4, 47/64 or 1/2?
23. The area of a right triangle having legs 10 feet long is 50 square feet.
24. When using a circular saw, the best way to prevent kickback is to keep the blade sharp.
25. Subcontractors are required for work at a building site, and two have bid on the job. Subcontractor A will do the job in 16 hours at $133.00/hour and subcontractor B will do the job in 14 hours at $153.00/hour. Subcontractor A has the lower bid.

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John Howley, Jr
is a certified carpentry instructor from Florida. John taught carpentry for over twenty years in a technical high school.