2020 Edition

General Contractor Practice Test

Try this free general contractor practice exam to get an idea of what type of questions are on an actual contractor's licensing exam. 

Many states require building contractors to be licensed.  To get licensed, you may need to take a business and law exam, as well as a trade exam.  The trade portion of the exam will cover subjects such as plan reading and estimating, site engineering, sitework and excavation, footings and foundations, concrete, masonry, carpentry, metals and safety.



1. What is a conceptual estimate?
2. In a set of blueprints, where would you find the required window sizes?
3. How is the 3-4-5 method applied in layout situations?
4. What types of trees does hardwood lumber come from?
5. What is the margin of safety when operating a table saw?
6. Which of the following practices is important to prevent injury while using a chisel?
7. What is the type of square used for layout of rafters using the step method?
8. What is the actual size of a piece of 1" x 8" #2 pine?
9. What is another name for saber saw?
10. The air pressure for an air powered nail gun should not exceed what PSI?


11. For the issuance of a plumbing permit, which of the following is normally required?
12. What is the maximum distance allowed between pipe supports for plastic DWV piping that is installed horizontally?
13. Which of the following types of faucet handles are not allowed for use with faucets that will be installed on accessible fixtures?
14. What is the rodding clearance for a 3" drain?
15. Why are plumbing traps required to be vented?
16. A horizontal drain pipe with a diameter of four inches is required to have __________.
17. The maximum allowable water pressure in residential water distribution systems is __________.
18. Which of the following types of joints can be used to join dissimilar piping materials?
19. Copper with a green stamp is used in a Med Gas system. What grade of copper does the color denote?
20. What type of water valve should be installed on a water heater?


21. A premises wiring system supplied by a grounded ac electrical service, shall have a grounding electrode conductor connected to _____ .
22. A conductor with THHN marked on the insulation has a temperature rating of ______.
23. At the electrical service provided for a residence, the service-drop conductors shall have a MINIMUM clearance from final grade of _____.
24. Which one of the following listed circuit breakers is NOT a standard ampere rating as per the NEC?
25. In Class II, Division 1 locations, an approved method of connection of conduit to boxes or cabinets is _____ .
26. Where used outdoors, aluminum grounding electrode conductors shall not be terminated within _____ of the earth.
27. Where the motor controller also serves as a disconnecting means, it shall open all _____ conductors to the motor.
28. What is the MAXIMUM standard size overcurrent protective device that may be used to protect a storage-type water heater with a rating of 4,500 watts, 240-volts, single-phase?
29. Edison base fuses are prohibited _____.
30. According to the NEC, recessed lay-in type luminaires installed in suspended ceilings shall:


31. Which of the following would be considered an inductive load?
32. Heat can travel by:
33. What does a temperature differential across a filter-drier indicate?
34. An increase in water flow, when using a water cooled condenser, would _____.


35. What type of electrodes must be used with a process the produces no flux residue (slag) that covers the entire weld?
36. The endurance limit of a material must be considered when concerned about which property?
37. If the weld does not combine with another weld or the base metal it is referred to as:
38. Arc time is:

Miscellaneous Construction

39. When a vertical wall is correctly installed, it is said to be?
40. Which is the most durable wallpaper?
41. How deep is a standard closet?
42. In an attic, what is the minimum clearance?
43. For scaffolding, what is the minimum railing height?
44. When is asbestos most dangerous?
45. Which is the smallest wire gauge?
46. How high are standard kitchen cabinets?
47. One story buildings should have a minimum foundation depth of?
48. The minimum gauge for galvanized steel valley flashing should be?
49. What is the purpose of the fascia board?
50. What materials are best used for exterior siding?

Construction Trades Practice Tests

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