Alabama Life and Health Insurance Agent Exam

Life & Health Exam Need of a License: An individual who is acting as an agent or producer needs a license to sell life and health insurance in Alabama.

Who Grants a License: Licenses are granted by the Alabama Department of Insurance.

Qualifications to receive a License: Individuals must complete a prelicensing course of study for the lines of authority desired before taking any examination. The prelicensing course must consist of 20 classroom hours per line of authority, or equivalent individual instruction, on the general principles of insurance for that line of authority. The lines of authority requiring a prelicensing course are as follows:
  • Life – 20 hour course on Life Insurance or 40 hour course on Life & Health Insurance
  • Accident & Health or Sickness (Disability) – 20 hour course on Health Insurance or 40 hour course on Life & Health Insurance
  • Combined Life / Accident & Health or Sickness (Disability) – 40 hour course on Life & Health Insurance
A list of approved prelicensing providers is available on the Alabama Department of Insurance website, as well as more information on qualifications.

Once the prelicensing course is completed and a certificate is awarded, the insurance licensing examination can be taken within one year from the date of the certificate.

Applying for the Producer Exam:  Individuals who have completed the appropriate prelicensing course, are eligible to sit for the insurance producer examination. You can apply online for the testing site of your choice.

Test Information: The Life and Health Exam is divided into four sections, each with the following major subtopics:

I. General – Life and Health Insurance
  • Chapter 1: Purpose of Insurance
  • Chapter 2: Contract Law
  • Chapter 3: Underwriting and the Application
II. Life Insurance
  • Chapter 4: Traditional Life Policies
  • Chapter 5: Flexible Feature Life Policies
  • Chapter 6: Policy Provisions
  • Chapter 7: Policy Options
  • Chapter 8: Policy Riders
  • Chapter 9: Annuities and Retirement Plans
  • Chapter 10: Business and Group Life
  • Chapter 11: Social Security
III. Health Insurance
  • Chapter 12: Health Foundations
  • Chapter 13: Medical Expenses
  • Chapter 14: Disability Income Policies
  • Chapter 15: Uniform Individual Health Policy Provisions Law
  • Chapter 16: Group Health
  • Chapter 17: Medicare and Medicaid
  • Chapter 18: Limited Health Insurance Policies
IV. Alabama Insurance Law
  • Topic 1: All Licensing Candidates
  • Topic 2: Life Insurance Candidates
  • Topic 3: Accident and Health (Disability) Candidates
There are a total of 150 questions on the Life and Health exam with an allowable completion time of 180 minutes. A score of 70% or greater is required to pass the exam. Your examination will be graded immediately upon submission, and your examination certificate is valid for one year from date of completion.

An exam study guide is available for purchase, and coincides with the examination outlines published by the State of Alabama at

How to Apply for the License:  There are separate licensing processes which are dependent upon your residency and licensure status.
Alabama Residents:
  • If you don’t currently hold an active Temporary Insurance Producer License, you must complete an online application after successfully completing the examination. The $60.00 fee must be paid by credit card online.
  • Those currently holding an active Temporary Insurance Producer License, and who have successfully completed the examination, must request the issuance of a regular producer license within 30 days. No fee is required.
License Renewal Requirements: 
Individual Producer licenses must be renewed every 2 years and there is a continuing education requirement.

Applicable Regulations: Life and health insurance agents in Alabama are regulated by the Alabama Department of Insurance.
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