Mississippi Tests

Welcome to the Mississippi tests page, with resources on tests and testing services in Mississippi in such areas as academic tests, professional licensing exams and driving tests.

Academic Tests

Mississippi Academic Assessment Program (MAAP) - The MAAP is given to students in grades 3-8. All students are tested on English language arts and math annually. In grades 5 and 8, students are also tested on science.

High School Assessments - In high school students take course assessments at the completion of algebra I, English II, biology, and U.S. history. In addition, all 11th grade students take the ACT.

Professional Tests

Mississippi Nursing Assistant and Nurse Aide Guide - Find information on the qualifications to work as a nursing assistant or nurse aide in Mississippi.

Mississippi Electrician Licensing Exam - Find out how to become a licensed electrician in Mississippi.

Mississippi Medical Assistant Certification Exam - Find information on how to become certified or registered as a medical assistant in Mississippi.

Mississippi Professional Counselor Licensing Exam - Find information on the qualifications to become a licensed professional counselor in Mississippi, with NCE exam details.

Mississippi Nurse Licensing Exam - Find information on the qualifications to become a registered nurse in Mississippi.

Mississippi Massage Therapist Exam and Licensing - Find information on how to become a licensed massage therapist in Mississippi.

Mississippi Life and Health Insurance Agent Exam - Find information on what is required to become a licensed life and health insurance sales agent in Mississippi.

Mississippi Plumbing Exams and Licensure - For more information on testing and licensing requirements to become a plumber in Mississippi.

Mississippi Forestry Tests and Licensing - Foresters must pass an exam to become registered. The exam has 100 multiple choice and true/false questions. It is an open book test, but candidates must supply their own reference materials. The test lasts approximately three hours. A score of 70 percent is required to pass.

Mississippi Surveyors Tests and Licensing - Professional surveyors must take the Mississippi Professional Surveyor Examination in addition to the national test. The closed-book exam lasts approximately two hours. It has 100 multiple-choice questions. The exam covers licensure law, rules and regulations, standards of practice, state plane coordinates and more. A passing score is 70 percent or greater.

Driver's Tests

Mississippi Driving Tests - Mississippi requires drivers to pass a vision test, a written test and a road skills test before being licensed. New drivers must also have held a learner's permit for at least one year before taking the road test. New residents with a valid out-of-state license only have to take the vision exam.

Mississippi Motorcycle Tests - Drivers who wish to obtain a motorcycle license in Mississippi must pass both a written exam and a road skills test. They must also provide an inspection sticker and proof of insurance before taking the skills test. New residents with a valid license from another state are exempted from testing.

Mississippi Commerical Driving Tests - All drivers who wish to obtain a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) must pass a CDL road test. The testing appointment must be made at least two days in advance and the applicant must bring his or her own vehicle. All applicants must also have a CDL Learner's Permit and a medical card.

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