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HVAC Practice Exam

HVACR practice exams can be used for self-assessment, professional-growth, and certification exam preparation. Our HVACR practice exam consists of questions developed by HVAC Excellence, the largest provider of certifications (more than 200,000) in the HVACR industry.

  • assessment of broad based HVACR knowledge
  • practice in the various core specialty areas
  • benefit for self-assessment and professional-growth, as well as for exam preparation
  • use for students in trade-schools studying for course exams and for professional technicians sitting for certification exams
  • a good opportunity for practicing test taking skills and learning the subject matter

A 100 question EPA 608 practice test comes with our materials.

To get an idea of the types of questions on the full version HVACR Practice Test, try our free sample below:


Principles of Electrical and Refrigeration Theory

1. What is the symbol for impedance?
2. The safety ground conductor for A/C circuit is usually color coded _________.

Air Conditioning

3. Heat which causes a change in temperature of a substance is called:
4. What is heat, which causes a change in the state of a material without a change in temperature, called?

Commercial Air Conditioning

5. What is a sling psychrometer used to measure?
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6. A compressor is operating with a discharge pressure of 235.3 psig and a suction pressure of 35.3 psig. What is the compression ratio (pumping ratio)?

Commercial Refrigeration

7. In a (direct expansion) evaporator, liquid refrigerant must boil away as close to the end of the coil as possible in order to:
8. An thermal expansion valve that is stuck wide open will cause ___________.

Heat Pump Service

9. What is the major difference between a heat pump and an air conditioner?
10. What device controls the supplementary electric heat according to the outdoor temperature?

Heat Pump Installation

11. Which of the following is not a factor that should be considered when installing an outdoor unit?
12. What is the minimum clearance for access panels on an outdoor condensing unit?

Gas, Oil and Combustion

13. One BTU is the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of:
14. What is the primary composition of natural gas?

Electric Heat

15. The electric heat element is usually made of what material?
16. Which of the following is an example of a resistive load?

Residential Heat Load Calculation

17. An oversized heating and cooling system can cause which of the following?
18. When the temperatures of a structure both inside and outside are equal, there is _____.

Universal R-410A Safety and Training

19. Polyolester (POE) oils stored in plastic containers will _______.
20. R-407C has _______-.

Green Awareness

21. What is a carbon footprint?
22. What is energy management?

HVAC Practice Test

HVAC technician certification and licensing exams test knowledge and skills related to specific HVAC processes and applications. Many states require technicians who work on heating, ventilation, cooling and refrigeration equipment to be licensed. Learn more with The Guide to HVAC Technician Exams or take a free HVAC Practice Exam.  

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